The Desktop Thread -


I'm trying to get the CSS that autoshrinks images to work but it doesn't want to fucking refresh the cache I swear to fucking christ



Down to where? All that is down is only my unclit.
spaps said:
Show off your desktop here.
I'll go first.
Holy shiite. Well, I guess that will scare away anyone trying to sneak a peak of your desktop without permission! :)

Bob's Fries

Yeah, made that boat for a physics class. Supposed to carry me across the school's pool. But the moment I got in, I sunk.

And this sometimes.


Smug Ellen Page
True & Honest Fan
Here's my unnecessarily flashy-looking desktop

The two boxes to the side are a program called Fences. A free program developed by Stardock. It's actually a really handy tool to keep your desktop organized. They're not just boxes to put stuff in, but they're actually interactive, as seen here:


Down to where? All that is down is only my unclit.
KatsuKitty said:
Y'all are a bunch of proprietary software fags.

What's that wallpaper a photo of? It looks really cool.

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