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Octopuff in kumquat

Kumquat... Kumquat... you know you love it, freaks

I like my desktop very organized and very minimal. All the big stuff is linked inside folders inside folders.
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Used a screenshot I took from playing Dark Souls 3. At this point, it ran its course and I'm thinking of changing it to something else.


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Decided to change my desktop to something else. Instead of using something from video games or pop culture, I simply decided on using a city background. Using one of San Diego. In a few weeks I might change it to another city.

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Un Platano

big blatano xDDDD
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I am going to die of radiation poisoning from being blasted by too many monitors


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After a installing a new update for Windows 10, my desktop background was reverted to a default. Decided that was time to change the desktop to something better.
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