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Background is assortment of cold/icy/snowy landscapes that changes every several hours and this is the current one.



Well, that's all, folks
I'm a complete moron when it comes to PCs. But realised the OS one likes needs to match one's personality. And in my case as well, budget, as I am stingy. I don't play games but do a shit load of researhc on line. So, about a decade ago, when linux became more moron friendly, I tried it out and have not gone back to windows. I would not consider Mac, as that is a religious cult and you may as well start believing in reptilian overloads.
I use bog standard Ubuntu - about to upgrade to 18.04. And different browsers for different tasks.
But that is just me. I can honestly say that I have had fewer problems with ubuntu than the windows I have to use at my work. It is always fucking up. And it is a security mess.

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