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The Difference a Year Can Make

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by Null, Apr 15, 2018.

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  1. Starting an ICO as an American is an increasingly sketchy business with the SEC starting to go after people.

    I think the shallow money grab ICO is in decline.
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  2. I, personally, would invest some number of thousands, and I am absolutely sure news of this would reach people with a lot more money than me.

    The primary goal of an ICO is to raise money from accredited and institutional investors. I don't think most of this board is your target market.
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    14⚡⚡ weev ⚡⚡88 the real weev. seriously.

  3. I quit school so I can bitch about fat people. Thanks Null! You saved me a lot of money.
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  4. Thanks for launching KF, Null.
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    ToroidalBoat Token Hispanic K-Farmer Friend
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  5. Plz add gender pronouns to our profiles
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    neger psykolog

    neger psykolog dm if u want forgeries done in Macromedia Flash
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  6. Wtf do you use then
  7. When do I get an internet raise?
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    wagglyplacebo The loneliest punk
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  8. You know, take out the Muslim part and every other descriptor applies at one level or another to CWC.
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  9. Null has helped me realize that the world is worth laughing at not hating, okay you can hate it a little bit but it's better to just laugh at it.
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    xenomorph I need to wake up Leanna to make me dinner.

  10. Congratulations on a year of EXPONENTIAL GROWTH! :stress:
    I came for the slow-burning SOK trash fire and stayed for the all-consuming DSP trash fire.

    Checking the "Stay logged in" box worked for me.

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    Monday Michiru

    Monday Michiru Hypothetical Hapa

  11. Thanks for making me a shitlord, KF. :heart-full:
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    Slutpuppies Shake that monkey

  12. Thanks for all the good times, but I have to ask, is it just me or have I found it a bit harder to access this site recently?
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    Robotron Jerkin it while waiting for the robot revolution

  13. In what sense?
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  14. I dunno, sometimes whenever I try to access this site for random periods of time, it just won't load the site.
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    Robotron Jerkin it while waiting for the robot revolution

  15. Sounds like your Internet is shit. Try both the .net and .is domains.
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  16. I'll be sure to keep that in mind the next time accessing the site starts being a pain again.

    Robotron Jerkin it while waiting for the robot revolution

  17. "Meanwhile, at the autistic legion of doom...."

    autistic legion of doom.jpg
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    Asperchewy Make Microsoft Paint Great Again

  18. Our autism is getting stronger
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    DICKPICSRUS indecisive about my avatar

  19. I was actually just going to make an account when the site was down for awhile. So I had to wait and hope it came back.
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    Dysnomia #woke

  20. Hi @Null,

    Thank you for making Kiwi Farms. It made my life better. Well as far as laughing at weird people can make your life better, anyway.
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    August16 Quebexpert (at popular request)

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