The DSP Timeline of Events - Modern Era Edition (Latest: 09.Oct.2019)


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16.Feb.2020: This post is currently changing, the years will get split in individual graphs and 2020 follows. I'll also check if I have included your fitting inputs. The khantent is also written down now, should help a lot.

Hello my friends. Kiwifarms collects data. I made data. I give you data.
Instead of hiding it in a random thread it seems way more senseable to put in a more noticeable place, especially after Neger pumpguned holes in our lazy asses.

The set of data is researched, sometimes half-assed, sometimes accurate, can be off by a day or two but the essentials should be there.
If you want to add an important event I somehow forgot please tip me, tips help more than anything else, I get the tip right away.

The initial post will always have the newest version.
I won't update every single day.
The used tool could change.


The years as text. Date format in "How the rest of the world counts": [ dd . mm . yyyy ]:
03.01.2017 | Dropped by Machinima
02.03.2017 | Invents Booksmart/Streetsmart insults
20.04.2017 till 30.05.2017 [estimated timeframe] | Break Up with Leanna (PandaLee)
03.05.2017 | "KOgaming" enters MCU "Laveria"
05.05.2017 | Laveria drops him
14.05.2017 | Leanna Hospital Story
01.06.2017 till 30.08.2017 [estimated timeframe] | First date with Katherine
DSP said at some point: He has seen Khet multiple times, dating for several months at least as far back as the summer
02.06.2017 | DSP tweets Khet (ChaosRealm01)
04.06.2017 | Last Tweet by Khet (ChaosRealm01). Thinking Emote.
29.08.2017 | Last video on KOgaming
31.08.2017 | Assassins Creed Halloween Costume
22.10.2017 | Attacks Wardogleader ("King of Suffering").
Phil whined about his single person life. Wardogleader (in chat) lost his brother and could still function as a person. DSP heavily insulted him, completely twisted what he said and titled him the "King of Suffering".
27.11.2017 | REVEAL: DSP has a girlfriend
09.12.2017 | First photo of Khet
11.12.2017 |"My girl is now back on her way home" (she was in the Whakando and flies back to wherever she comes from)
15.12.2017 till 19.01.2018 | Escort/Catfish-Saga
A couple pretended to be Phil's escort and claimed to not got paid, Phil's "unknown girlfriend" and lack of damage control hasn't helped him. Kiwifarms managed to debunk this claim.
22.01.2018 | Sponsorship by OPseats. Got canceled.
05.02.2018 | Another sponsor, Spawnseats. Suddenly went out of business.
06.02.2018 | DSP orders video takedowns in secret
13.02.2018 | DSP reveals Khet's face
26.02.2018 | 1st Twitch Suspension
03.03.2018 | DSP would pimp-slap this 11 year old girl in real life (ack ack ack)
11.03.2018 | 1st Khet Reveal Vlog
27.03.2018 | 2nd Twitch Suspension
01.04.2018 | 1st Week Long Birthday Celebration ($$$)
24.04.2018 | Throws Tolomeo under the bus for claiming Tolomeo is "dissapointed in Monster Hunter World", when he wasn't
08.05.2018 | Phil will never adress drama ever again (HAHAHAHAHA)
15.05.2018 | "Early players are shills"-tweets. Huge backlash.
22.05.2018 | IRL stream with Khet #1
13.06.2018 | IRL stream with Khet #2
14.06.2018 | Special Depression Stream ("This was my depression!")
20.07.2018 | Dropped by MCU "Curse", no ads anymore. Misuses KOgaming for playthrough uploads.
02.08.2018 | Tevin got banned from Twitch
04.08.2018 [estimated date] | Bought Jasper the Cat
13.08.2018 | ELO Hell Shillstream
Phil went full paid shill streamer when he played ELO Hell (sponsored) despite his previous claims of being always honest and not being a shill like those other streamers
23.08.2018 till 01.01.2019 | Tutankhamun Era (whale)
This egyptian whale appears and gives Phil loooots of money over the weeks and months. However, Phil is greedy and needs more money, but Tut's huge contributions made his begging look really stupid, so people stopped giving Phil money. Phil then claimed Tut ruined him, completely throws him under the bus and continued to mock him till January next year (even so Tut was long gone).
24.08.2018 | Gets a 4k TV and a PS4Pro for free by a fan
31.08.2018 | The "Watches AI in Fire Pro Wrestling"-Event. How exciting.
01.09.2018 | "You have to STEP UP or else I can't make longer videos"
09.09.2018 | "Some things are more important than money, real talk" he wrote in his chat as he ran from a giant Twitch-raid
27.09.2018 | Retrospective #1
05.10.2018 | Shows "blank papers" to proof tax problem
31.10.2018 | Halloween with Bob Ross & Steampunk Khet ("It's Tevin's fault")
Horrible event, no chemistry between those two, Khet mostly silent, no interaction between them, she was obviously bored and Phil just played the game while she watched. He claimed from the very beginning that she won't stay for long. In the middle of the event, after a break, Khet left and Phil started to blame trolls, detractors but especially Tevin for why she left. Apparently people in chat were very toxic to her and Tevin sent all of them (he did not). However, he knew this would happen from the very beginning. What an asshole.
23.11.2018 | Needs $16.000 on top of his usual $8.000
05.12.2018 | Exodus: Desperate Begging Month
07.12.2018 | Badly hurt his knee by falling backwards on a big soft couch (???)
15.12.2018 till 17.01.2018 | Emerald_Seven Era (whale)
17.12.2018 | Outlasts the channel "SuperBestFriends", did not understood their sarsasm of how he did it
24.12.2018 | Awful "Drunksydephil" christmas stream with depressed Bob Ross
31.12.2018 | Hints at a current positive thing in his life but can't tell (theory: Jasper)
Exodus: Parents will die, he hasn't seen them since '16. He wants to marry Khet one day (PS: Khet likes cats)
16.01.2019 | Lets ill Khet sleep on the couch in the living room. Her "choking" kept him awake
13.01.2019 | Retrospective #2
25.02.2019 | """Wins""" argument against Apex Legends composer on Twitter by looking like a complete idiot
13.03.2019 | Retrospective #3
14.03.2019 | Makes fun of a fan with speech impediment in Apex Legends
01.04.2019 | 2nd Week Long Birthday Celebration ($$$)
10.04.2019 | Got $4.000 by his mother for taxes and promises to get a job in 10 years. ALSO PHIL AND KHET GOT MARRIED IN SECRET.
10.05.2019 | "Viral" revenge tweet against ProJared
12.05.2019 | Failed "Debunk Stream" of the accusations against him
15.05.2019 | Start of "owning the detractor memes" by implementing a frog emote (two frog emotes).
01.06.2019 | Retrospective #4
04.08.2019 | $2000 cat reveal
28.09.2019 | TheQuartering's softball interview with DSP
29.09.2019 | Retrospective #5
06.10.2019 | Gets $20 to buy Goose Game, but just pockets it
20.10.2019 | Admits the illegal click activity on his ads from 10 years ago (still not his fault, somehow)
21.10.2019 | EA gifts game codes in Phil's chat. Phil instantly turns into an EA shill.
31.10.2019 | Halloween Week with $1.800 goal (goal reached)
15.11.2019 | FORECLOSURE SAGA begins, MidFirst Bank vs DSP

The timeline basically starts when DSP met his soulmare, but I went a step back in time because him getting fired from Machinima is hilarious.

Also check out this cool timeline of the "Death and Life of DSP" which basically fills the missing parts prior to my timeline:


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Just some ideas:

* (Nov?, 2017) Mystery Woman appears on KF, Escort Saga begins

* (Jan, 2018) - January Dox Harvest of TKOH Forums // "Olive Branch" // Vidar banned from Twitch

* (Feb?, 2018) - Bronsgeists Revealed // Wiffle Ball Bat Vaginadox (lololol. also, puke.) // Escort Saga ends

These are just rough time guesses from memory; all of this ^^^ predates my making an account here, but I power-lurked for a long time before joining because I like to not be a faggot if & when I can possibly help it.

Edit: lol stupid CWCmojis


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A few additions and one correction:


January 16, 2017: Lists CT condo for $67,000 short sell

January 19, 2017: Status changes to "Sale Pending"

May 4, 2017: Relisted on the market and taken off later that day.


IIRC @Bryan Dunn claimed Phil's father was helping to arrange or fund the short sale based on his own research but did not offer proof beyond "trust me, Fred Fuchs creamed his pants when I showed him the details". There's another credible but unsubstantiated theory that the prospective buyer just withdrew and Phil gave up at that point.

The Helicopter Factory:

Phil's Shoryuken posts where he cops to abusing the Best Buy employee discount are from 2006 so that would put his start date at Helicopter Support in 2006


Katherine St. Jean:

Phil's first interaction with Khet was in late 2016 (liking or replying to her ripping on that year's CoD I believe), a few months before he even proposed to Leanna.

EDIT: I got this wrong, Khet retweeted Phil going back to late 2016 but he didn't interact with her until May 2017

From Prince Lotor's post:
It's not really clear how Phil became aware of her Twitter. My guess would be he was desperately combing his Twitter after Leanna left, and after he saw Kathy's 3 re-Tweets he creeped on her account, saw her first 'Just becasue' pic, and swooped in on the first Tweet he had an opportunity to. I don't think they interacted before Leanna disappeared for good after May 18th or so.
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Prince Lotor

A Cenobite from Hellraiser 17: Hellbilly Helliday
In 2016 Kathy re-Tweeted Phil shitting on the PS4Pro on September 7th (her 4th Tweet) the first week she made the account, again on October 20th shitting on the Nintendo Switch, and on December 17th she re-Tweeted his "Actually intellectually mature humans can have complex thoughts. You can love AND hate the same thing fordifferent reasons. It's fine!" Tweet. Phil didn't interact with these re-Tweets.

In 2017 their Twitters don't interact until the OBS Tweet on June 1st, Phil 'replied' to her an hour later and Kathy 'liked' his reply. The next day she Tweeted out her 'Just becasue' titty shot, I don't have a Twitter account and that Tweet has too many likes for me to see if Phil 'liked' that Tweet. . .although obviously he liked it. She made 1 more Tweet about not feeling well a day and a half later before going dark.

It's not really clear how Phil became aware of her Twitter. My guess would be he was desperately combing his Twitter after Leanna left, and after he saw Kathy's 3 re-Tweets he creeped on her account, saw her first 'Just becasue' pic, and swooped in on the first Tweet he had an opportunity to. I don't think they interacted before Leanna disappeared for good after May 18th or so.
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