The Ethics of Using 'Queer' as an Umbrella Term - Is it a slur? Is it REALLY okay to use?

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Dec 11, 2016
It just boils down to Will Wheaton's law. You can reclaim it or whateveer if you want, but if someone tells you not to use it about them, you don't. They're not attacking you, some people will never be able to think of it as anything but a slur. I personally would not like to be called queer for that reason.


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Oct 5, 2016
I have always hear queer as in the term "queer as a 3 dollar bill" which uses it as a slur. Sort of a "so damn unusual and not normal that it is absurd" use age. I have hear others use it as a slur "hurr hurr, let's play Smear the Queer!", and used as a reclaiming of the word "lol I'm queer as FUCK today!". I guess it depends on who is using it and how they are using it. Sort of like black people using N.igger, or asian people using slant-eye.

It's all in how they use it and how you hear it, basically.


Cryptid Farmer
Apr 17, 2016
Definitely a slur where I'm from.
Gay has better implications thanks to its original usage; invert has less loaded connotations and it is dated as fuck.

Kosher Snake

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Apr 10, 2021
Personally, I consider it a slur. Before reclaiming the term started to get popular, I'd only ever heard it in a derogatory context, especially considering I was born and partially raised in the deep south.

However, I understand people who want to reclaim it. I think it's perfectly fine for an individual to claim the term for themselves. What's not okay is when they start calling other people queer without checking to see if said other people are okay with it, or when they refer to the LGBT+ community as the "queer community".

I am not queer. I don't want to be called queer. If you wanna call yourself queer, be my guest. Personally I rather enjoy calling myself a fag, but you don't see me labeling all gay people fags, now do you?
in other words

The Alphabets are copying what blacks did to the word "n-166 ER" and have confused the entire planet including themselves in doing so?


Dec 6, 2020
When I was growing up the word queer was already being reclaimed over the radio and in other media like Queer as Folk. One of my bi friends feels uncomfortable with it, probably because where she grew up it was thrown around as a slur. I personally don't like it because it doesn't really mean anything anymore and is generally used to say "uwu look how unconventional I am (✿◡‿◡)". I got desensitised to the word in university with how often I'd hear it used in phrases like "queer studies" and "reclaiming queer relationships". I get that people are trying to give the word a positive spin, but it's just annoying with teenagers being all "look how special i am cuz im queer =)" to get some clout. I wish the term would become a neutral term, but there's this sense of importance tacked onto it that I feel that it won't happen anytime soon.

Dandelion Eyes
May 10, 2020
Yep, it seems like it's been already reclaimed. Most of the times I see the word "queer", it's used in a neutral tone as a synonym for LGBT, and rarely used as insult.
Compare and contrast with the word "faggot".