The Fall of the Roman Empire


HG 400

You all laugh at the idea, you scoff at your own tribe and loudly object to any idea of global anti-Roman sentiment by saying that "civilisation doesn't matter" and "so what if we're all barbarians"

You'll be alive for 50 more years, and unfortunately for you, you are going to be a minority in your own empire.

"Who cares? It's just citizenship rights. Roman people aren't special."

Even if you don't think being Roman is anything special or unique, and you cast aside how the epicenters of culture and human development in this world mostly seem to congregate around Rome, do consider that it's not particularly important. Even if we were all completely congruent to one another, except for Roman citizenship. Even if you don't believe your 'tribe' exists, they do, and if you don't believe it, the people you are calling harmless do believe it, and do have tribes, and you're not fucking a part of them. The most militaristic people on the planet aren't Roman.

And what happens when you become a minority in your own empire and no longer have control? Not "imperial succession" genocide, actual genocide.

You and your family will be tortured. You'll call the legions, but the legions has since undergone reforms due to widespread undermanning and fears of frontier conflict. Now the legions hate you.

Right now at the Danube, there are 100 visigoths invading the Empire every 17 seconds. By this time tomorrow, Adrianople will have been sacked by fucking animals they willingly gave free entry into the empire to.

This isn't some Catonian shit. I don't consider myself better than anyone else. I just know that if a lot of people had the chance to blot me out, they absolutely fucking would. Their only justification for it would be that a long time ago, before any of my family members even arrived in the empire, there was slavery. That's all they care about.

You can brush this shit off and say that it's only happening in Eastern Rome because of the Huns, and a lot of people do exactly that, but you remember this fucker?


We didn't have trans-Rhenish provincial system. Pacifying Gaul was 65 years ago. The Cimbri migration was 100 years ago. The punic wars was 150 years ago. The wounds should have fucking healed by now. I was a part of the generation who voted for the first German emperor. I grew up in the early third century were there was no racial tension that I could feel, where Maximinus Thrax was the #1 Emperor on palatine hill, and they still hate us. You grow up as a Roman kid in a barbarian province and they fucking hate you. When I was in school with only a handful of German and Numidian students, I never saw them bullied or teased.

Once that tide turns it doesn't turn back. They fucking hate you.

My advice: buy silver dinarii, move to Asia Minor. The Sassanians are racist but a half-Roman half-Persian kid will do pretty well over there compared to a Roman child in Rome after it gets sack'd.


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Feb 1, 2015
At least I still have the Duodecim Tabulae :stress:

Sep 15, 2017
I want to know if Roman was living in it's own satire (like we are now) during it's decline. Did they have their own version of danger hairs and diaper shitting fetishists?

Kyria the Great
Jun 2, 2017
Well it isn't like having a bloated entitlement program like mass handing out of bread to everyone is an unsustainable idea is it?