‘The Flintstones’ Adult Animated Comedy Sequel Series ‘Bedrock’ In Works At Fox


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Mar 23, 2016
I’m gonna guess hyper-competent Pebbles, lazy sexist boss that takes credit for her work, dumb as rocks Bam Bam, and probably plenty of shitting on Fred for “outdated” beliefs.

Possibly a “Make Bedrock Great Again” mention
Absolutely. Wanna bet Fred is going to lose his job due to it being environmentally questionable and him then picking up a new and environmentally friendly, modern job instead as a thinly veiled jab at "learn to code"?
Then again, since that thing bit them hard when all the reporters lost their job once the rags they wrote fore went tits up, they might not do that.

Of all the shitty remakes, reboots and IP rapings, this one has me legit invested tbh.
I can't wait to see what they do with this IP, the worst case stuff is so blatantly obvious (like the things you mentioned), but somehow, I think they'll find new and exciting ways to piss me off and blindside me with politcal commentary that is so utterly retarded, it will blow my fucking fuse.

As far as I’m concerned, all is forgiven if they just bring back Ann-Margrock.

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She'll either look like in the picture and be transgender, or she'll look like Ursula from Little Mermaid ate Jim Sterling.
Either way, she'd be talking a lot about the necessity of small children to explore their true gender (which can't be identical to their biological sex, cause that's bigotted).

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Grrrr. Arrrrrgh.
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Nov 13, 2019
Don't forget Stony Curtis, Gary Granite and of course, Ann-Margrock.

Yeah, but Stony and Gary/Cary would have to be impersonated, whereas Ann Margret is still kicking. She's 80, but she gave a coherent interview not too long ago, so she'd probably be up for a little voice work.

It would be a great capstone for her career.

Funnily enough, I was just kidding on my initial post, but now I think I'm serious.


Nov 22, 2020
At least Seth has a genuine love of the original Flintstones and can actually do a good job when his heart is in it. That's why The Orville is pretty great, whilst the last few seasons of Family Guy feel a lot like current year Simpsons.

As for "Bedrock", it'll be a train wreck. If nothing else, it'll be fascinating to see how badly the Flintstones legacy gets shat upon in the interest of wokeness.
May i recommend something that had issues but still not as bad as bedrock will be? https://readcomiconline.li/Comic/The-Flintstones Like i said it's not perfect but it has it's moments
Oh and how i feel with this series
and that's including my feelings on everything i like being ruined for at least one decade or more
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