The food timeline - an interesting food information and recipe packed site compiled from over 2300 books

So, a few days ago I was looking around for some food related info for a site i'm working on for a client and I came across a food site called the food timeline The main page doesn't do it justice as to just how much information there is on it. If you start browsing through the links you can find massive pages packed with all kinds of old recipes and in depth information, including in depth references, some of which apparently includes some very rare and obscure books. So far the most interesting part i've looked through has been the stuff on 19th century pioneer food which is a pretty big page in itself and definitely worth a read

Anyways, considering all the recipes and information that is packed into the site I thought it would be worth making a post about. Navigation around the site is a bit weird but if you look around the links on the main page a bit you'll find a ton of different sections that aren't readily apparent from the main page