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What is the future geopolitical arrangement?

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It depends, how far in the future are we talking? De-globalization is always possible, but at the moment we're entering into a multipolar world with both the US and China (if we haven't already), and that might end up resulting in another unipolar world with China at the helm for a while.

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China is a real threat to unseat the usa as hegemon in the next few decades. The reality is it probably won't happen, simply due to the multiple problems they face as a society. Not only do they have a shrinking population, they have tens of millions of men who will never even see pussy(literal nation of incels :story:). As useless as a lot of these dudes probably are, they're still there and they're still going to cause problems.

Unless the ccp is committed to keeping a significant portion of their population working for pennies on the dollar they can't continue to be the manufacturing hub they are today. Already companies that want cheap labor are moving to south east asian countries to maximize profits.

Their military strength isn't much to brag about either, even supposing it was the current order of the world would see fit to slap their hand at any significant land grab.

I've been reading the decline and fall of the roman empire recently, and one thing that really grabbed my attention was how long the Roman's remained the dominant power even after their society was in a steep decline. Even despite their constant assasination's and civil wars the Roman empire stood atop the world. America more than any western civilization since resembles the roman position the most, and even if we are in a decline I doubt it will be as sudden as most would hope.

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Thoughts (partially) stolen from one of Tommy's threads.
China's actual military presence is too weak; they maintain control by being an economic powerhouse. They might weasel a few countries, but if it pisses off the U.S too much, then they'll get assblasted. Assuming the U.S. isn't so corrupt when it happens - and even then, the news and people might be too uppity to ignore.
For the moment, the U.S/China and other powers like the EU, Russia and India* are too competitive for unipolarity to take place.
Though a crisis (manufactured or not) might cause the Great Reset, and geopolitics don't matter anymore as everyone everywhere would own nothing.

*Supa power 2030??


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The Youtuber Whatifalthist does some analyses and predicts a multipolar system. The USA and China are basically arranged right now in a binary system not dissimilar to the Cold War, but due to Chinese demographic instability and American decline from economic and social factors, the probable truth is that power will start to be split between multiple world powers again. Taking things, a tripolar or multipolar system with the US, China, and Turkey (taking Whatifalthist's predictions as accurate, which, honestly, they don't seem too outlandish) seems realistic by 2100.

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