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Like the title says, confess your sins and be cleansed.

I have never heard the soundtrack of Quake, not a single track, and I spent a lot of time playing that game. People say it is great and adds to the game, Trent Reznor did a great job after all and I agree because that's what everyone is saying, but I wouldn't know and can't say anything because I got a pirated copy of Quake on floppys.


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I liked Fallout 4 despite having played New Vegas first.

I think every 3D Zelda game is overrated (though they did improve game-over-game).

Final Fantasy should have been canceled in favor of the Ivalice Alliance becoming Square's flagship IP, including a Vagrant Story remake.

I don't think the best JRPG can stand up beside even mediocre Western ones.

The Technomancer was a good game.

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Graphics matter a lot to me.

That said, graphics alone won't save a bad game, probably the best example of a beautiful looking game that is still crap is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

But graphics aren't chopped liver either, gamers need to get over the taboo of praising graphics, a good game can only be made better by attractive visuals.

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Paradox strategy games as a whole are overrated trash.

Its like using Microsoft Access but instead of your boring accounting work, there's sprites that swing or shoot at each other in a recycled animation until one part of the map turns your color. And the sprites can be changed to nicer sprites if you pay $2. And different music for $5. And extra Scenarios for $15. After a base game of $60.

Imperator sucked, Victoria 2 was meh, and Crusader Kings 2 drove me over the edge after I got home from a long inventory check at work and booted up my computer for fun relaxation and was thrown back into a Excel spreadsheet nightmare.


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I actually absolutely enjoyed the Final Fantasy XIII series, even when every single Reviewer and Final Fantasy fan said it was an absolute crapshoot of the Saga.
Eh, would have been better if they hadn't of gated so much content off until the very end.

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Another World, Knights into Dreams and Yoshi's Island are not great games, I'd hesitate to say that the first two are even good.

LttP has been surpassed by so many of the modern indie games that ape it, its hard to go back.

Civ V original unpatched version was unplayable trash. Killed that series, there's no way it was salvageable.

Even the best game writing, with perhaps the exception of PST, pales in comparison to actual adult-oriented literature. Morrowind and Bioshock? Pulp stories. They might have good plots, but all that game gets in the way of the writing.

Oh, and Battle Royale is actually an amazingly genius gameplay mode. Not for everyone but a great way to give something to everyone.

Oh, and games might have cost more but as a kid I was glad the N64 stuck with carts and as an adult I agree because no load times.

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I quit playing Dark Souls after getting my ass kicked by the Four Kings. I still think it's a masterpiece of a game, but also it seemed like it was designed to be as aggravating as possible.

Before I quit playing CSGO, I had gotten numerous accounts banned for griefing and cheating. I never cheated to win, just to ruin the game. The infamously toxic community was what drew me in.
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