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The Stranger
I’ve cheated in a good deal of the multiplayer games I’ve played. If the hacks are free, safe, and won’t get my account banned I probably will cheat. Have cheated in RotMG, GTA V, even fucking Minecraft PvP. I just despise PvP in general so cheating makes it tolerable for me (though that doesn’t apply to RotMG).

If I don’t enjoy the first 30m-1hr of gameplay I straight up drop games, regardless of anyone saying “it gets better later!”. I’ve dropped multiple $60 games because of this and it makes my wallet cry but I couldn’t refund them.
You know John Carmack? :thinking:

How'd that happen?
Romero, through someone else some years back. Don’t plan to powerlevel more than that, was more to emphasize the irony of my being Doom illiterate.

Autumnal Equinox

Null killed my avatar
I don't particularly care for Majora's Mask

I didn't care enough about FFVIII to beat it legitimately, so I cheated my way through the game.

Doom 64 is best Doom

I think anyone that plays as Marth in Smash is a scrub.

I've never played a Pokemon game

Shield Breaker

I quit playing Dark Souls after getting my ass kicked by the Four Kings. I still think it's a masterpiece of a game, but also it seemed like it was designed to be as aggravating as possible.

Before I quit playing CSGO, I had gotten numerous accounts banned for griefing and cheating. I never cheated to win, just to ruin the game. The infamously toxic community was what drew me in.
On the four kings, you need good DPS or you will get overwhelmed.

I secretly resent people who play AB in War Thunder. There's a huge stigma around feeling superior because you play the more "realistic" game mode but seeing drifting tanks, aim assists, and cartoony colors and icons all over my screen makes me sick
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Dr. Ricearoni

This isn't even my most autistic form
I play For Honor, religiously, and have been doing so since release despite the many, many problems.
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Stuck in Corners

Take it in Blood
True & Honest Fan
I beat RDR2 but was too lazy to play the first one. I would just watch walkthroughs of the first one on YouTube.

Also, watching other people play COD is enjoyable.

Sir Wesley Tailpipe
The only Zelda game I enjoyed was Zelda II.

When I played Just Cause 2, I would grab a mini gun from a base that had one, and then walk at the slow speed that you were stuck at when carrying a heavy weapon, and just blow as much shit up as possible for as long as possible, or go to take over the next base, even if it took half an hour to walk to it.

Megaroad 2012

I think Treasure and Wayforward games are pretty trash and I played enough to come to this conclusion, but at least Treasure has some janky charm to them (before $EQUELLL$$$!!!) where Wayforward comes accross as people to smell their own farts while cirlce jerking out the next Scrooge clone shovel knight varient.

Death Stranding is my all time favorite game and nothing will ever top it unless Kojima takes some big ass hits from the bong for his next project. Haters can go to hell.

Marco Fucko

A climber and a sadist.
I used to promote at 20 and refuse to use prepromotes in the GBA Fire Emblem games.

I always killed Slippy on purpose when playing Star Fox 64.

I once traded I think Smash for OoT and when the other kid called me begging to retrade because it was a rental I just kept playing OoT over the phone while his mom got pissed in the background.

My mom was one of those who was like "you can't play T or M games because you're 12" so I would just walk over to a friend's house to play Tony Hawk or San Andreas.

I habitually griefed people when I played MMOs and sincerely enjoyed it

Also totally rolled a female character and panhandled from people while pretending to be a girl (made mad fucking cash that day)
I griefed on CSS all the time as a kid. That shit was GREAT.