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Even with all the screechings of games being political and art, I feel the words said by @CatParty long ago are still true to this day: video games are just electronic kiddy toys. I feel some people take shit too seriously whether it's thinking some military shooter must be full-on American propaganda when the US military gets fucked thoroughly that it doesn't really give any "America, fuck yeah" vibes or that some how having a trans flag in a game means SJW's have infiltrated the industry when it's just a flag one won't notice unless they really paid any attention, and even then that flag isn't really going to be a big thing for the game unless it was actually used.

I can't play any Silent Hill game without there being day light outside. I just can't do it without lowering the volume so as to not be scared by any sounds that are just warped sounds of an animal that was edited through some audio software.

I'll never understand the attractiveness of MMO's. Seriously if the main selling point is meeting other people and playing with them, I'd just go outside and make friends or become part of an online hugbox. I did find one MMO interesting but it was more for how with it's combat actually allowed me not to get hit rather than my enemy getting a hit in on me even after being five feet away from them while they wielded a small knife. I'd rather just have that be around.
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I find exploration in dark souls intensely boring. It’s nothing to do with the difficulty, more of the overall structural design of the world and the way some areas just feel like overly long slogs even if you’re not dying. I wish there was a boss-rush mode that made the game play something like Furi or the arena modes from Kirby since I really do enjoy the bosses and their designs.
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Ever since I learned how to pirate video games, I've never bought a single one. If a game cannot be easily pirated, I pass on it. My pirating mentality is so dominant that I even attempt to pirate freeware.
I'm also addicted to the speedup feature in emulators to the point that I have trouble playing video games at normal speed.

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I have watched more professional Dota 2 than I have played it, probably by a factor of 2 or 3. Hell, I’ve probably listened to more Dota 2 casts, audio only.
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- Until recently, I was a member of the pre-order culture.

- Overall, I think the Silent Hill franchise is a garbage franchise oversaturated by autistic overthinkers and edgelords. That said, Downpour and Shattered Memories, while not great, aren't as bad as people make them out to be.

- I don't like Naughty Dog franchises. They feel too... adult contemporary. Too safe. And if I had my way, I would've dumped Ellie at the clinic and walked out the door. Motherfucker, you had a job.

- I've bought Skyrim four times (X360, X1Legendary, Steam, and part of the Elder Scrolls Box Set.). Funny thing is that it's not even my favorite ES game.

- I paid money for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Alekhine's Gun, Agony, Hatred, Saint's Row 4, Homefront: The Revolution, and Star Fox Adventures.

- I like Musou games. They are completely brainless affairs, but that's exactly why I like them.


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I've never finished Shadow of the Colossus. Always get distracted by the lizards and oddly relaxing empty world.


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I use mouselook to kill the Icon of Sin in Doom.
I once mistimed my jump and died to the first goomba in Mario 3.
I still preorder games that I'm excited about.

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I can never pick the bad/evil/morally dubious choice in RPGs because it makes me feel really guilty. Using New Vegas as an example: I appreciate that I can side with Ceasar's Legion but I just can't do it, instead I do NCRs bitch work.

I like games that give you the choice to kill any character you see. But I don't do it.

On the flipside, in games with immortal NPCs I will endlessly crouch-jump on top of their heads firing my shotgun straight down while they look up and tell me about the raiders or nazis or whatever the mission is about.