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- I don't like Naughty Dog franchises. They feel too... adult contemporary. Too safe. And if I had my way, I would've dumped Ellie at the clinic and walked out the door. Motherfucker, you had a job.
Does that include Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter? Or are you just talking about their more recent endeavours?
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I can never pick the bad/evil/morally dubious choice in RPGs because it makes me feel really guilty. Using New Vegas as an example: I appreciate that I can side with Ceasar's Legion but I just can't do it, instead I do NCRs bitch work.

I like games that give you the choice to kill any character you see. But I don't do it.
That's usually me as well. The only game I've picked evil choices is Mass Effect but that's probably because Renegade's not "evil" just ruthless a la Dirty Harry. Plus it feels nice to threaten the more irritating characters instead of mollycoddling them like Paragons.

Everything else though? I don't like being the bad guy. Hell even in Mass Effect I game the system where I avoid the outright evil choices yet still end up Renegade in the end. I can't in good faith kill Killian in Fallout 1 knowing the town would belong to Gizmo or let the Powder Gangers slaughter a town for one guy in New Vegas.

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I've never played Duck Hunt. My family was a Hogan's Alley household.

I can't play Final Fantasy Tactics without breaking it in some way.

I can't beat Romancing SaGa 3 without cloning the Royal Ring. Maybe a challenge for my next run...

I used to shill HARD for a few companies, but have thankfully seen the light since.

I buy cosmetic DLC sometimes because dammit I gotta be pretty.
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I use guides from time to time for achievements.

I bought microtransactions before. A Time Saver Pack for Skate 3 and a weapon for Homefront 1.

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I savescum like a motherfucker, especially if its a game that features limited resources. In those games I'll often replay a section multiple times in order to conserve as many supplies as possible. If I waste too much stuff or take too much damage I'm loading up that save again.
People complain about shooters from the last 20 years all having check points and regenerating health like Halo instead of quick-saves/quick loads and health packs, I think it was a great change. So many old PC shooters were horribly balanced and filled with strangely placed hit-scan enemies that in some games even tracked you through the walls and blasted you as soon as you turned the corner, so save scumming was the way to go and it sucked.

I'm happy that the gameplay loop of F5/F5/F5/F5/F9/F9/F5/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F9/F8 oops I meant F9/F9/F9/F9/F5/F5/F9/F5/F9/F5/F9/F5/F9 and finally F5 is mostly dead.
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The first thing I do (and have done since PS1 era) is go to the options and dial everything down to easy mode, and then if I complete the game and it has replay value, only then will I go normal or hard mode.

I also pretended to have Pneumonia in late 2001 and spent almost a month doing nothing but learning the ten hit combos for Tekken Tag so I could destroy my housemates when I came back instead of going to university.

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I think platformers are fucking boring. Doesn’t matter when it came out either, the entire genre blows. The exception is Sonic Advance 2, God’s only gift to the genre.
The Sonic Advance series is still the best use of the Adventure era character designs to date, including Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 themselves.

Here’s another one of mine:

I enjoyed my time with Shadowverse more than I did with Hearthstone. The real shame comes from spending way too much time with either.

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I prefer F3 to F:NV.
So do I... I played 3 with the high end graphics mods, weather mods and texture and shader updates about a year after it came out, (Dual 4870's, core 2 quad clocked to close to 3Ghz, and 4Gb DDR2 Ram), then played that game for a long time. Then F:NV didn't sit with me so didn't get much further than half an hour into it before I went back to 3. I prefer 4 to F:NV too... far better buildup for the first hour or so.

Edit: I've never played Doom 3 without a flashlight mod. :oops:
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