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I think Quake is immensely superior to Doom. The world feels a lot scarier and grimmer than a literal invasion of hell, the powerups are better, and the tech makes it easier to have people later on try it. I think it honestly had more of an impact on gaming than Doom. You can argue that Doom paved the way, but the real trailblazer was definitely Quake. Also its a bit unfair to say this, but the Quake Soundtrack still is one of the best and atmospheric, and no EXTREME ROCK METAL REMIXES on YouTube can fix the fact that Dooms soundtrack was beeping and booping which ripped off Megadeth.
I think quake and doom are superior in different ways.

Doom is the slaughterfest gettin the combat for FPS's soild, while quake got the mood, and level design soild. But I wouldn't say one is better then the other they both cater to different types of people.

Doom is for the people who likes feeling powerful and killing hordes of fuckers.
While Quake is more about setting the mood, and letting you explore the map in ways dooms couldn't at the cost of monster count.


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I've been playing BotW for the first time. The side quests, collectibles, and shrines are pathetic Ubisoft-lite shit. The lack of real dungeons and traditional Zelda items is unforgivable. The map feels empty relative to its size and traversing it sucks, even with the fast-travel points. And the voice acting is hilariously bad. Personal rating: 6.5-ish so far.

1. I think that CoD's original MW trilogy had a great story that provides a fairly nuanced take modern warfare and the US military unlike what so many people assume. The new MW sucks because it gets wrong everything the old series got right.

2. Spec Ops: The Line's fanbase are a bunch of edgy intolerable pricks who feel superior for hating on CoD. They like Spec Ops because they have to be beat over the head with a theme to get it.
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Apparently I need to be crucified according to most gamers because I generally loathe the first-person genre, online gaming (I like single player), and I prefer physical copies vs digital.

I've never played a Grand Theft Auto game. No idea why, but the series has never interested me in the slightest. Saints Row 2 is the closest I've gotten.
Not a bad alternative. Saint's Row just get more fun and GTA keeps getting less so, since they focus on 'immersion' and 'realism' more than making a fun game.

Tour of Italy

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I had to summon Slave Knight Gael to beat phase 3 of Sister Friede.

And when I ran through the game with a different character, I gave up and did it again.

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I liked Dark Souls 2 much more than 3.

In Seiko, I beat Sword Saint Isshin on my 5th attempt, and I thought he was one of the easier bosses, But I died 20+ times to a random Mini-boss with a gun in the poison pools

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Gaming kinda bores me, but the implications of the medium fascinate me. I spend far more time reading and watching essays about games than I do playing them. Maybe I play 4 hours in a week, tops.
I was bullied for being a nerd my entire life and now I'm at the point I straight up do not enjoy gaming. I want to go through an entire franchise I've never touched before, ie. Resident Evil, but now it's just being remade into the kind of game I'm tired of. Somehow, Switch games have given me some kind of enjoyment lately, maybe because they're offline, has no achievements, and are simplistic (by being on a shit console).

I like the idea of playing games all day and logging onto mmos, but actually doing it is such a chore.