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Aiko Heiwa

Salt 'n' Genki
but i need to store some of the important files, but i don't know how to

also the repair store is closed


I have to kill fast and bullets too slow
True & Honest Fan
Aiko Heiwa said:
but i need to store some of the important files, but i don't know how to

also the repair store is closed
How are you posting?


I have to kill fast and bullets too slow
True & Honest Fan
I should have cleaned my froggies tonight but I'm just gonna do it in the morning.
They also crap all over the place when I feed them. :[


America Online for Dummies™
I don't feel like making the lolcow thread just for this, but man, I read the "teacher crush" tag on tumblr every night, and some of these things these teachers say to their students, I'm reading this shit and going "UN-ACCCEETP-ABLE!!" like Lemongrab from Adventure Time:


The Hunter

Border Hopping Taco Bender
Retired Staff
I wish I had gotten my studying done earlier in the day. Not that I don't like it, it's just that now I'm rushing it and I'm tired and probably not going to remember a huge chunk of what I'm writing down.

...actually, I'm probably not. I can answer all the review questions for chapter two without the book either because I took really good notes in class, or because I already know these things (it's mostly the latter). Even then, I'll have more than enough time in the morning to review my notes and eat tacos with my friend. Again, I take so many notes, I practically don't need a book (and it's a really good thing because I don't really have a physical copy).


This guy fucks!
True & Honest Fan
Mauv did I ever tell you how Shrekcelent you are?

Aiko Heiwa

Salt 'n' Genki
Hey guys! I posted chapter 1 of my shitty Doctor Who ripoff.

I'd link to it, but I'm on my 3DS. But if anyone cares, you can find my TV Tropes page and I linked to it there.


Deep State Agent of Disinfo
Staff Member
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Woow, the past 48 hours or so have been ridiculous. Never go on a pirate binge, being 2-day drunk off rum leads to some insane actions (and especially don't get rum drunk with real old friends, it's a little bit disturbing seeing them randy off rum).

Oh and never leave two people alone, never mind the situation (oh my god I learnt that, my 16 year old mate got off with our old-man friend who's 29. Both were in relationships at the time... Fucking rum).
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I have to kill fast and bullets too slow
True & Honest Fan

What about scared barn owls and then that one guy who just wants to eat his rat in peace Jesus Christ leave him alone.

This is the sound they're making

In contrast here's a happy barn owl taking a bath

If you're wondering wtf is up with his wings the bones are fused together and he can't fly which is why the chick has him as a pet.
Owls make shitty pets.
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