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Question for you lads. My co-worker is getting married soon. Good dude, we work together a lot. I've met the fiance once in passing. Would it be polite/expected of me to buy them a gift? We don't really hang out outside of work and I'm not invited to the wedding or anything. What say you guys?
If it were me, I'd get something small as a token of congrats. Maybe a gift card to treat them out to something. If he's one of your buddies at work but you guys don't really hang out beyond that, I wouldn't spend more than around $20 or so. Just a simple small little gift.

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I've had an idea in my head for a comedy sketch about a guy who gets a good deal on an N-word pass on, and goes out in public to drop an N-bomb. When a black guy hears it and asks to see his pass, the guy shows him the pass, and it turns out the pass is only good in a few Eastern European countries. They laugh together as the black guy jollily explains that, and the other guy says "oh, so THAT'S why it was so cheap!" and then they laugh, and suddenly the black guy proceeds to attack him


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I can't believe certain people think I would steal from them just because my sister did. I don't even pick up change from the floor. Not even a penny.

Also, you ate my Kit Kat and threw away my Aldi bags.:mad:
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