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It's a shame the revival of Beavis and Butt-head back in 2011 only lasted one season:

This is some of their funniest matterial.
Beavis and Butthead is legit one of the most underrated shows of all time.
I don’t even care if the B&B movie was nominated for a Razzie for Worst Movie Of The Year.
That movie is still under appreciated in my eyes. CORNHOLIO STILL LIVES ON!
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Tell me about Phil! Why does he wear the vest??!!
I'll tell you hwhut, those perrigo nicotine lozenges my insurance pays for are nowhere near as delicious as Nicorette. This is like a Rc cola vs Coke classic level of flavor disparity.
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Tell me about Phil! Why does he wear the vest??!!
Tugboats arrive Thursday, or if any enterprising retards signed up for Chime Bank, sooner than that. Foodstamps at midnight.
I've found a new 7-11 that tards buy lots of 40oz and smokes from and will do my monthly tard safari as the best tard action is viewed as it happens.


Tell me about Phil! Why does he wear the vest??!!
I'm now convinced that is the worst thing to happen to online gaming.

60% of the streamers are massive manchildren and it rubs off to your teammates.
I've deleted accounts so many times. The latest wokeness plus a few small streamer communities completely disappearing did it for me.
One dude has been offline for 25 days with no explanation.

I've been mentally and physically preparing for a life lived much, much less online since January as I've sensed all this coming. It was getting to feel unnatural and unhealthy
I was fine for a long time when I worked so much I just went to the bar on the weekend, it felt better.
After work stop at Meijer for beverages and replacement tshirts if they got sliced or burned on shift.

My corner old man bar reopened this week and that's where I'll be more from now on. Most of em smoke and don't dip but maybe I'll win some of them over.


so I was looking up prosthetic faces for the lulz, and I found a woman who went blind and "scent blind" after attending a party at 16, and one of the legitimately retarded party guests finding a shotgun under the couch (what a place to store a gun) and "jokingly" fired it, "assuming" it wasn't going to be loaded, and it blew half her face off. How in the FUCK did that person make it to 16 given he thought it was a good idea to toy around with a fucking shotgun? Gonna politsperg, but this is what gun abolitionists want. Where I live, with big pro gun and hunting culture, gun safety (always treat as loaded, never point at anything you don't intend to kill, don't look down the barrel) are drilled into your head at 12, earlier if your parents take you hunting.
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Tell me about Phil! Why does he wear the vest??!!
Saw my old neighbor and she filled me in on how badly downstairs tard has decompensated.
He broke a bunch of shit in the hallway and foyer allegedly because he was out of cigarettes.
I'm not too far away and I still see the other agency tards tarding it up, maskless and drunk. God protects idiots I guess.
I'm still wearing paintball gear and scaring the shit out of people which has not stopped being fun for me.

Little kids laugh because they appreciate irl trolling still.

Some of the neighborhood outdoor fitness chicks have busted out their best spandex and have been working really hard on their glutes and midsection and it's a joy to behold their glistening, sweaty selves run by in the park.

Women are magic. Bukowski was right