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I keep seeing found dogs that look like my dog but aren't him. I've gotten so many calls from people who found a dog that turned out not to be mine. I feel like the universe is trolling me. I contacted a rescue about a dog they had who was severely injured by a car. But it wasn't him. They had another dog with the same situation. But again, not my dog. I asked for age confirmation just to make sure. But I believe this dog is young. My dog is 15. They look almost exactly alike though. I just need the peace of mind.

At least both dogs pulled through.

I think that small dogs are being stolen and many are getting dumped. The pandemic made people dump dogs. I find this horrifying since I went without to feed my dog when I was in an extreme poverty situation over a year ago. He never knew there was anything amiss.

If you can't keep your dog just contact a rescue. Small dogs in particular usually end up at rescues or foster homes if you surrender them to animal control. Everyone wants them. Most of the dogs up for adoption here are pitbulls. The small dogs get snatched up fast.


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My engineering handbook has not come in yet, and it says it’s supposed to arrive today at 8 P.M.
Considering this pandemic, I can say that’s translation for “its not coming in the mail today.”


In addition to the Xanax, my parents have started letting me drink as much beer as I want from the fridge because I'm only a few months from 21. Slowly pouring small amounts from a pint can brings my anxiety further down to almost neutral.
On second thought, I'm probably overdoing it because now I'm powerleveling about other random shit and getting more threadbans.

Today has been weird, I feel very strangely overwhelmed about nothing.
I want to read about the cows but can’t find myself interested in the ones I follow and can’t find the energy to find new threads (:_(


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Retarded question, but what constitutes "Islamic content"? When is it appropriate to react to posts with Islamic content?

EDIT: Sorry for the double post. Some glitch happened.
It's mostly used for NSFW/NSFL content as well as literal islamic content.
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I got into a pretty good fight on Sunday and broke some fingers whaling on somebody's rock hard head, so I won't be typing much for a bit.
No charges pressed against me after the popo saw how the fight started.
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Does anyone know if Skype has started using some kind of algorithm to keep certain images from being shared between users? For some reason, lately, anything political or obviously photoshopped has been at first transmitting, then it suddenly turns to a gray box.

I've checked the settings and can't find any issue, but it's only effecting some images. I checked online and didn't see any known issues regarding image files not transferring.
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She saw Ramona Flowers and felt so empowered
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I've got three months of the new Peacock streaming service so I'm checking out stuff I missed out on the first time.
I was vaguely aware there was a "Savage Dragon" cartoon but I was working 60 hours a week when it was on. The voice is all wrong, it should've been a Patrick Warburton type. Also glaring was the guy who did the lead villain doing the same exact voice as Megabyte from "Reboot".

The horror of it escaped me but there was a primetime "Saved by the Bell" college years spinoff.
You could tell the actors were just over it by then.
I also found an "Ultraforce" cartoon on Amazon Prime, it was also shit.
I recall there being a W.I.l.Dcats cartoon on Cbs, I'll try to find a full run somewhere.
If you weren't around for comics and nerd culture from 1992-98, pre cellphones and pre wokeness, it was a magical time. Get comics, get Taco Bell or hot wings with your buddy, hit the record store.
Make fun of your buddy for fucking fat girls while looking at overpriced concert shirts
It was way better than this year.


She saw Ramona Flowers and felt so empowered
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I did some super couponing today and got $40 off at the store.

They should have some kind of trophy or achievement system that pops off when you do that, at least on the app.

I used the money I saved to get the 4k version of two movies I want to keep.
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