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Eight hours. Still nothing. City saying it could be "days". Storm knocked out all of the backup systems supplying power to the water infrastructure, so now we're being ordered to ration water.

Imagine about 10 alarm clocks going off in the room next to you without any way to shut them off. Building's various security and fire suppression systems are beeping to let whoever runs them know that they aren't working. My unit shares a wall with the utility room housing said systems.

Dug my power bank out and was able to charge my phone up. Should last me a while because I have the mother of all chinkphones. Power bank is completely tapped out. Cell data is spotty from what I assume is heavy demand.

Got through 100 pages of Neuromancer. Sun is setting. Pray for me.
All those William Gibson books are comfy. It's clearlý fiction that people can really fancy up a squat and make functional things out of trash, as we see ChazChop was like a blanket fort instead of the innovation the people showed in "Virtual light".
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Is it just me or is this so-called “vaccine” for COVID-19 is an excuse to not really care about the fact that the rich and famous have more access to hospitals and doctors than average people that still have yet to know people who contracted the virus?

What is a vaccine like this going to do?


An epic of epic epicness
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Downstairs tard has been locked up in the psych ward since August 2nd and the stench coming from his apartment has only subsided 20 percent or so.

Alot of people have fled from this complex since coontavious-19 started, even me temporarily though I kept most of my food here.

The other neighborhood fuckwads that partied with him now either refuse to speak to me or walk away when I approach. It's good to be feared.

I'm hoping we have a severe winter so I can walk to the store in peace.


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How the fuck did /trash/ end up completely in the shitter in the last couple of years?
You know what, I think that's a rhetorical question.

edit: ha sipp down the ol sipper goes the clonazolam juice and it's not so bad anymore
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