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Never allow a woman to change you. Sometimes females will try to change a man, but this is just a test. She does not really want you to change. She will lose attraction for you if you allow her to change you. Is she changes you, she will break up with you. And then when her friends ask her why it didn’t work out, she will say, “he just wasn’t the same guy who he was when we first met anymore.” Girls don’t actually say what they mean.


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Confirmation downstairs tard is gone for good, they sent a hardcore cleanup crew to throw out his shit. I was coming back from the gym and they were going in, Devo biohazard suits and everything. They opened his door and the smell of like ,liquified ass went straight through my mask and I was ill for a few hours. It was like Boogie2988's yearly farts concentrated into one area.

I went out to be nosy about what they were tossing out and the shocker was used heroin paraphernalia.
That one I didn't suspect.

Puerto Rico Tard and his girlfriend, oxygen tank tard are very upset he's gone. I woke up to prt (Puerto rico tard) bellowing drunk under my window as he does every Sunday morning.
As he sat on the bus bench I sent a few wakeupdialer and "where's my phone" calls and he earnestly answered them each time.

There's no bus on Sunday so the popo break up his party every week.
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Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong
my brother is a rabid liberal (thinks the kenosha kid is an ebil ebil fascist instead of a kid defending himself) even despite the fact that he's simping for people who have said in no uncertain terms they want him dead (he's a white male). I tried bullying him but it's not working, he just tard rages. Next step? Poison his chocolate milk?
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