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I'm pretty sure that my bedroom used to be a bathroom. I got it stripped down to the hardwood and there are three holes for a sink. Two small pipe holes and a larger drain hole in the middle. A few feet away near the closet is a spot where two boards look like they went over a hole. There's another spot like that near the door. The closet is narrow and you have to push the hangers sideways to hang your clothes. I feel like this closet was just sort of slapped on. But I have seen closets like that in other old houses. Looks like the wall is pulling away a bit at the corners though. It needs to be filled.

Now this room is too large to be an average bathroom. It could have been a kitchen. But I was told that when my grandparents bought this place in 1954 there was no upstairs bathroom. My grandfather had to build one because they turned the upstairs into an apartment and rented it out to pay the mortgage. The house was $5000. At some point in the 60s my grandfather took off the door dividing the apartments and just made it one house. The upstairs bathroom is kind of odd looking. Long and L shaped. The downstairs bathroom had the door in the kitchen and that door was on a diagonal wall. My grandmother hated that so my grandfather remodeled it.

My uncle said that there was no kitchen in the upstairs apartment and the guy just used a hot plate. So at some point there was either a bahroom or a kitchen up here in this room. Seems an awful big apartment for one old guy though. It's a big ass house. It could have been an apartment house like the one next door before it was converten then reconverted then converted again.

I guess these old houses go through a lot of changes. It was built in the 1890s. But the thought that someone was pooping in here a century ago makes me laugh. :lol:
My late Dad was responsible for that kind of conversion, I was always so disgusted with his handyman work that would never pass modern inspections


Atleast things I wanna fuck are 3D
I wonder if there is a shirt printing service that would print me a picture
1) with part of it glow-in-the-dark (not fancy, just slap a layer of that glowy crust onto the green part) and
2) without rising a stink about it being a comic book cover.

I already gave up on local services, so I guess USA+my friend who redirects mail to me it is.


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Yesterday I stumbled upon the song I've been looking for since hearing it in a YouTube video in 2009. Night of Nights


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I'm trying a new ,fancy curry ramen I got from Amazon.

In about 20 minutes I'm going to fart at the neighbors door, the bitch that is still dumping a thing of Pinesol twice a day even though I got the junkie next to her institutionalized on August 2nd and he's not shitting in his bathtub anymore.
I'm gonna drink some milk to add to the mix. I'm serious here. This is gonna stink.
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Do people actually drink monster energy and enjoy it?
I'm a big fan of chewing tobacco, tonic water, wormwood liquor and beets. I often take swigs of cold vinegar.

Of course I love energy drinks. I was at a Halloween bar party where they had a big bucket of free Monster, I had about 8 of those before they told me to knock it off.