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I don't understand the popularity of "among us" which seems like just another Jackbox party pack type of bullshit game. People really are sheep and go along with anything these days.
There are tons of casual games out there because they're easy to make and always just an adaptation of a game that's existed forever, but very few of them ever get popular, while others just explode out of the blue.

Same deal with Fall Guys. And going way back, Snood, which was literally just Bust-A-Move but with proto-emojis.


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Dad tested positive for COVID, so I’m quarantined for maybe 2-4 weeks? I don’t know, my state is retarded regarding corona. Funny how I inadvertently got a two week vacation before I start my new job.
Bro, the filter's been gone for like four months.
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anyone complaining of toxicity in sea of thieves are big fucking babies and will be raped on sight

I mean, if you get ambushed or attacked, just fight back or use your skills to get away! You can even voip and tell them gg and, 90% of the time, they'll be really cool and you can make friends. It's sea of thieves, typical interactions are shoot first and talk later

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So my cousin is watching this show called The Rain. Looks neat but don't really want to watch it; what it really makes me want to do is play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC again. Cool, I'm doing that.

But I still want to know more about the show. So I wandered over to the Rain Wiki to check it out and get an general overview of the larger plot. I click on "Season One" and what the fuck did I just walk into??
ohhhkay 1.png ohhhkay 2.png
ohhhkay 3.png ohhhkay 4.png ohhhkay 5.png ohhhkay 6.pngohhhkay 7.png
Looks like they got their wish in this last one.

It's every fucking episode summary. Somewhere there's a continuation of whatever the hell this argument is. Who are these people? I dunno. Why are they mad? Apparently someone is a faggot. What the fuck is going on!? Why is this better than the actual show?
I needed to tell this to someone. Figured you guys would find it mildly amusing.
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TIL Mike Pence, back in the mid 90s had a local talk show on our local then affiliate of The WB. The station ended up posting a clip from the show recently.

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A biography I'm reading caused me to revisit the Napster vs Metallica case. God what a bunch of cunts
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I dunno where the fuck else to put this. So youtube shoves "community posts" on your feed from people with like 70 subs that you maybe only watched one video from (legitimately asked myself "who the fuck are you and why are you here?". Dude's a budding tranny and actually asked his fucking youtube audience about transitioning, and based on what he looks like (obese, unkempt, brony, autist) it's clearly escapism and or "become the girlfriend". DUDE JUST LOSE SOME WEIGHT FOR GOD'S SAKE putting a wig on and calling yourself a female name isn't going to make you feel better about yourself, you're not a tranny just dissatisfied with who you are. Jesus Christ boys we're about to witness another autist be sucked into the cult of troon. And then he goes on to say he's a christian and the idea of going to hell scares him and what I really wanted to say is "being trans is insinuating an all powerful God can make mistakes by "putting you in the wrong body" and your "solution" is to mutilate the one given to you." Troondom and religion do not mix. You either get some fucking mental help ( :optimistic: given how many mental health professional have been indoctrinated into the cult (case in point, brother had a joke where he'd call me an opposite sex name and I just went with it cause it was funny, case worker flat out asked if I had gender identity issues circa 2010-11) or you end up joining the ever rising 41%
Not really worth a thread tho or even a posting in tranny social media, seems to be a sadcow more than anything.

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