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Don't know where to post this so I might as well here.
I have never been pissed off enough to honestly and 100% hope that an entire group of people get brutally murdered until this week. Here's a rundown
-I have a car that I never drive, registration expired early last year and I have never used it over the last year
-It's parked in my spot that I fucking pay for at my complex
-Last week I go to take out the trash and see a thing stuck to the window of my car I never drive
-"We're going to tow your car to impound because of it not being registered"
-Go to the management and tell them I never even drive it because I don't have to at all, just get all my shit delivered because muh coof
-They say they're going to tell the towing company to fuck off
-The next saturday
-Go out and find another sticker on my car which just like the first upon peeling off completely fucks up my window and makes it so I have to go buy GooGone to make my car functional with the windows rolled up
-Call them and tell them to fuck off
-They tell me they are gonna tow my car on monday unless I get new registration
-Can't go on Saturday because the DMV is closed, Can't go on Sunday because the DMV is closed, mechanics can't register me because it's passed 6 months from expiration, DMV can't do online registration because it's passed 6 months expiration.
-Go to DMV today
-They won't accept in person visits to do registration because of muh coof
-Have to literally break the law and drive there in my unregistered car to get it registered at the drive through which will probably lead to the retarded DMV workers to report me and get me a ticket or have my license suspended
I know it's a retarded white woman tactic but the second my lease is up I'm moving and leaving a shitton of sockpuppet reviews shitting on this place. I pay for the fucking parking spot it shouldn't matter if the car is registered.
Holy fuck. I had this same fucking scenario when COVID first started. My registration expired right when covid started. I couldnt get an appointment anywhere or renew online. I was screaming at the people at the leasing office and contemplating beating the fuck out of the rent-a-cop who wrote their smart ass threat about towing my car.


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Really important message guys, check this guy out on how to stay sane with politics.
Just kidding, he's a hot white guy with a beard and big arms. And a MO, priorities ;D

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tfw your fiancé's mom is crazy and it's restraining order time

Edit: that was fast, there are 3 judges in today and will process a decision later this morning. If I have to go to a hearing I will burn this bitch to the ground.

Edit x2: It was a roaring success. We'll call her county friday to see if she got served. The papers have been mailed to us today and will most likely be here tomorrow. I'm not sure if she will file an appeal, but she has another restraining order from someone else and this will either end in three ways: she won't file an appeal, she won't show up to a hearing even if she does appeal(this is most likely, because she's done this before), or she'll fight tooth and nail with everything stacked against her(super unlikely, but she's obsessed with her daughter and the concept of me raping her every night).
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I think I got the last mousie. I figured out that instead of filling that bait trap just leave out those blue cubes. I put the contents of the package out without even unwrapping them, they ran out from under the radiator and dragged them back under. Just one baby with huge feet and kind of waddling around, I nailed it with my boot and flushed it. It Mom was following it around two days ago cleaning it, it must've been a tarded mouse.

I had a couple of days where it was just nuts with the violent squeaking and scratching and them leaping off things making loud landings.

I'm sure a mouse Holocaust tribunal will be formed and I will be tried for my rodent atrocities soon.
I figured out that I could just leave Vitamin D3 capsules out and the little fuckers will snatch them up quickly. A big ass momma mouse died next to the fridge just now.


I should really stop drinking alone. I drink with other people, too, but the solitary bourbon cocktails on quiet weekday evenings after work turns it into a habit. I don't think I'm doing too bad and I do think I have a hold on things, but depressive alcoholism runs in the family and I'm only invincible until I'm not. It's not even all that fun without the social aspect, either. And I have to drive a lot more than I used to, these days. Gotta be a little smarter, a little more responsible...

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