The global increases in Troonism, Furryism, levels of depression, declining living standards, are all connected and its all being done on purpose

Sep 12, 2019
They've done nothing but crank immigration up further and further, so I'm not sure why people think that the elites want depopulation. Similarly, higher consumption will naturally come with a larger population, so they also don't actually seem to care about that.

Europe has gone full open borders mode since 2015. USA has let in god knows how many millions of illegals in this year alone. The leader of my home state in Australia has recently said that he wants 2 million people to come into NSW in the next few years (which is a massive increase in immigration compared to our normal levels). Bezos himself said that he wants a trillion humans in the solar system, because then there would be 1000 einsteins, 1000 mozarts, etc (and DEFINITELY not because there would be a trillion potential consoomers shopping on amazon)

If you actually wanted to stop population growth, you would prevent people from high birthrate countries from spreading elsewhere. The problem would solve itself within a generation or two.

If there's a plan for actual population control, I haven't come across it.
>population control for whites and east asians
>exponential growth for subhumans
doesn't take a genius to figure out the motivation of the people pushing this


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Apr 1, 2019
Do you know what links all those things?


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Jan 25, 2020

Karl Marx would roll in his grave despite being a bougie jew who never worked a day in his life if he saw current "revolutionaries" Like Jack and others, furries and trannies to be specific. All of them are pissy permanent teenagers who refuse to work and accept that Marxism, socialism and others only work on paper.

It's no secret why furries like Jack gobble that shit up and tweet about it 24/7


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Oct 6, 2016
There's a lot to be written on this but I've always found it very interesting that the brain viruses of the modern era have specifically targeted the tech sector, the sector destined to have full power over the coming era, and have radically altered it's ideals.
No more decentrallized protocols. No more third parties. No hardware or operating systems older than three years, Everything will be judged by FAGMAN.


Sep 10, 2021
The Soviet Defector Yuri Bezmenov gave a lecture in the 1980's and said that to teach sexuality instead of something useful like Math, English etc as a method of subversion. Whole video is prophetic as hell and touches a lot on social justice

15:06 onwards for about 30 seconds


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Mar 16, 2019
And the subhumans are too stupid to realize that they are being used and groomed to accept being the subservient underclass in perpetuity.
You assume that's any different than how they already exist or that they really care about that outcome. (I mean some might but most of them are barely self-aware in the first place)

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In regards to OP:

It's hard to tell what is part of conspiratorial planning and accidental.

Some of it happens to be the perfect storm leading to these issues: Feminism, battle of the sexes, loss of nuclear family and so on.

Some are obviously being done intentionally such as the push to decrease white populations globally or make us super minorities which will have disasterous results.

Either way those in power want a slave class that won't challenge them and after years of propoganda and "slow-boiling" it seems they've succeeded.

In regards to degeneracy: They're just throwing it all at the wall, some of it will stick, or people will take the lesser of the two evils until they can further establish the more extreme perverse pushes. First you tolerate X, then the slippery slope occurs, then you become demoralized, then you become complacent to it.

Jan 28, 2020
Honestly, I don't even know what to believe. I thought when time advances, human beings would advance. I don't even know what to make of all this.

Does it mean that the Great Filter is ultimately society going insane and self-immolating?

Doesn't even require anything like nukes, society becomes so dysfunctional that its brightest individuals give up or withdraw, and the gears that keep it running start to break down. Everyone can already see this in effect in South Africa, and plenty of ruined third-world countries, where the brief moments of potential/excellence have given way to prolonged alternating eras of stagnation and decay.

This age of stagnation lasts until the resources run out, at which point civilization dissolves, like the final death of a cell.



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May 30, 2021
Troonism and furryism are evolutionarily maladaptive ways that various different phenotypes of people respond to developed industrial society. (Maladaptive because they almost always result in the end of your genetic line and the spending rather than saving of your family's socioeconomic capital.) They respond in this way due to phenotypic factors like their parents' income level, their parents' education level, and even things like how many siblings they have. It's not just their autism quotient. Troonism and furryism are also influenced by things like junk food, environmental decline, and economic decline that you mentioned.

There are simply too many moving parts and too many people spontaneously involved for troonism and furryism to have been promoted intentionally from the top down. If such things were possible, the Soviet Union might still be around.

Rather, troonism and furryism emerged spontaneously as maladaptive responses to the profoundly unnatural environment of 21st century developed societies. This unnatural environment emerged as a result of the externalised costs of the adaptive activities of different individuals and institutions.

To understand this.. Imagine that you are an animal living in a field with several other different species. Several random mutations cause several different species of animals to decide to start shitting in the corner and nowhere else. But you are a species whose strategy so far has been to live in the corner of the field. But this generation, because of the way the genetic composition of the field has changed, your living space is being shat in.

The field in this analogy is society. Technologies, cultural practices, memes, institutions are the genes of the animals. Corporations, bureaucracies, capitalists, and criminals are the species doing the corner-shitting. And the species whose living space is being shat in are us who have been subjected to environmental pressures that led some of us to become troons and furries.
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Jun 23, 2020
The Soviet Defector Yuri Bezmenov gave a lecture in the 1980's and said that to teach sexuality instead of something useful like Math, English etc as a method of subversion. Whole video is prophetic as hell and touches a lot on social justice

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15:06 onwards for about 30 seconds
I find it funny how "Home Ec" was considered useless by conservatives back then. Now that alone could prepare you for life more than 90% of the shit you learn in public education nowadays.