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Your mother is a dirty, dirty whooore
Sep 27, 2014
EDIT: Is it fair to say that Dragonforce isn't that great of a bad Jay makes it out to be? They literally have 1 hit...Through the fires and flames. Sure they might have a few good overlooked songs, but in the end can we say they aren't as good as other bands?

I'd say Dragonforce has a lot of technical proficiency in their actual instrument playing, but their musical composition is fairly repetitive and their lyrics are repetitive and silly, and, like, their only lyrical theme is "SLAY ORCS SLAY DRAGONS Epic Fantasy Battles!" They really, really like rhyming the words "way" and "day" a lot. I'm not really super into power metal, but they seem like they're "baby's first power metal band" when I compare them to the, like, two other power metal albums I own from bands that aren't Dragonforce. Perhaps there are other members on this forum who can weigh in with more/better information and opinions.

Basically they sound really impressive but they're a one-trick pony.
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