The Good Journalists - Journalists and Reporters who arent Moral outrage mob raising cunts

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Are there any good Journalists?

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Arctic Fox

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Modern journalism is almost nothing but garbage, propaganda, political hit pieces, and pointless bullshit designed to keep idiots reading and the advertising money flowing.
I'm starting this thread to share a investigative journalist I found that actually did some good, and for other people to post any stories where Journalists and reporters were actually following their ethical principles, instead of just screwing with people like CNN and company does.
I'm linking to an article about Frank Smith. A man in the 1930s who faked being insane to get into an insane asylum for a week. Here's a quote from a list I found. Below I'll have a link to the list, and a more in-depth part on Frank.
His articles were titled 'Seven Days In The Madhouse'
His sickening one-week long experience in the Kankakee State Hospital for theinsane in 1935 exposed the conditions in which patients were kept. With the help of his reporter friend at Times, he churned out disturbing first-hand reports of how dirty and contaminated the place was. He was also strapped to a bathtub full of dirty river water for 15 hours to cure his violent streaks. The asylum was finally abandoned in 1974.
Anyone know of reporters with a conscience? A steel pair of balls? Something that makes them stand out from the crowd of nonsense we have today?
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Modern: Glenn Greenwald

Oldschool: Hunter S Thompson

Ancient: Oriana Fallaci

What do these have in common? They aren't little bitches that claim to be impartial only to push their agenda subvertly. They are or were openly activist-journalists or participatory-journalists who took active stances and often times based on these pre-dispositions they were or are more equiped in dealing with rebuttals from their subjects as they genuinely listen to the answers they give and try to think on smart ways of out-manouvering them or putting the pressure back on.

They also, paradoxically enough, tend(ed) to go in with an open mind and without a clear agenda, but again always openly subjective or at least judging of the person they interview(ed).

Bonus mention of a pundit: Gore Vidal
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I forgot her name, but there was this female South African (that is originally from there) reporter out there that I think works for CBS (or at least has worked for CBS) that was unfortunately raped I think during the so-called "Arab Spring" in Egypt. I'll try to find her name. She's ok.

Edit : Lara Logan is the name.
She got Arab Sprung. I think they call it taharrash.

Krokodil Overdose

Michael Tracey is a leftoid, but not a kool-aid drinker by any means. He was calling out the "muh Russia" horseshit basically since it started. Recommend.
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Marco Fucko

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Fredrick Forsyth is a British journalist who was assigned to cover the attempted assassination of Charles de Gaulle and the Nigerian civil war, but when he got pulled out of Nigeria by the BBC he went freelance to continue covering it and claims he worked for MI6 for 20 years. He has multiple novels out where he takes a relevant geo-political concern of the day and turns it into a story (i.e. de Gaulle was the target of an assassination, so he wrote a thriller about tracking the fictional hitman hired to do it).

His nonfiction books cover the Nigerian civil war, a biography on this guy and his own autobiography.
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IV 445


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Tell me something important happened, who won the game last night, or whether I should pack an umbrella today.

Otherwise fuck off. I don’t care about gamergate and it’s intersectional hyperagonal-viscosity with trans-lesbians.

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I quite like Andy Ngo. But then, he reports on Antifa and his mere existence assblasts them so much that we get proof of just what a hollow, violent sham it is.

I found Nick Monroe spergy, but he also used that autistic streak to obsessively document what he was talking about, and the Farms have given me a serious appreciation any reporter who actually links to their primary sources.

And I'll throw in Jesse Singal, not even because he's a decent writer willing to think about what he's producing, but because in even talking about detransitioning and the risk of trooning out children he's braver than the vast majority of the social media-era press. He's too nice to his detractors, but that doesn't take away from his journalism.

There's undoubtedly other reporters I like in Current Year, but it's notable that the ones that stand out are the ones that hold lefty viewpoints but don't bow to the SJW side of things, in part because they're so rare. Every now and then a story comes out that shows we still have Spotlight-style reporters - the Florida news people who kept on the Jeffrey Epstein case being a recent example - but I guess I particularly like the ones who are well-researched, well-documented, and piss off the right people. Which isn't what journalism is for, but considering the state of most news nowadays, I'll take what I can get.
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It's HK-47

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Well I can tell you without a doubt that it isn't this lady. Ryan Maue has a Ph.D in meteorology and has actively been involved in research for nearly 10 years, now. Following his Ph.D he was awarded a National Research Council postdoctoral associateship at the Naval Research Lab. Emily Atkin bitches about climate change and shits ink and is so unimportant that she doesn't even have a rudimentary Wikipedia page.

I really can't think of a better example as to what's wrong with modern-day journalists, this sums it all up pretty damned nicely.


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Michael Tracey is the only liberal journalist beside Tim Pool who hasn't lost his mind due to TDS.