Trashfire The Great Mega64 Grooming Allegations Shitshow of 2021 - Psycho ex-girlfriends retroactively revoke their consent 5 years later and try to ruin their famous boyfriends' lives!

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Aug 4, 2016
(This is a quick and dirty OP mean to facilitate discussion quickly)
Rocco Botte of famous internet skit comedy show Mega64 has been accused of "grooming" his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Veja, when she was 19.

Ashley posted this video on Tiktok which got her account there banned.

The Beginning:
The person pushing these accusations to the forefront is a user by the handle of @Jules_rocketboy, someone who is apparently friends with Ashley.





She (and Ashley) desperately want this to become the next Game Grumps debacle.


And even SHE knows that her definition of "grooming" is total bullshit.

She's even got her own soyboy white knight redditor out here defending the honor of m'lady.

But golly gee, I wonder what Jules looks like!

I hope you've plugged your noses, boys and girls because the absolute stench of mentally ill might kill you

Rocco made a statement defending himself.
Statement from Rocco Botte

Posted with permission on behalf of Rocco Botte:
Hey guys- I want to talk about some of the relationship stuff that has been going around on here recently. This has come up in the past, but there was a lot to it. I have had no clue what to even say. A lot of stuff out there is true and a lot isn’t. And of course, a lot of noise gets melded together (as with anything a ton of strangers get involved in).
But first thing is first- regarding sweeping it under the rug… Nah. I don’t want to do that. In fact, I’ve been very public for years about what a -dumb fuck- I used to be. It’s possible my lack of self-awareness was a key factor in helping start Mega64- but the truth is, it annihilated a lot of my personal life in exchange. Friendships, relationships, all of it. I never had any guidance in telling me the right thing to do or say in my field. I went for years not hearing anything critical- another pat on the back, another thumbs up, no reason to really pay attention to the needs of others. I screwed up so many relationships and was just a stupid garbage human.
Second thing, because this is important - there is a photo of me at Disneyland with a 15 year old fan that’s being painted as evidence that I “groomed" this person. I want to be clear: I did not know this person when that photo was taken. I was there in my early 20’s, and she- a total stranger- flagged me down for a photo. It wasn’t until years later that we became friends.
That relationship in particular keeps being brought up, and it was a murky and awful one from many years ago. Way back then, I had no idea how to treat people or consider their feelings. This relationship was one where she was a lot younger than me- she was 19 and I was in my late 20’s- and I had no idea there was even an issue with that. It never even came up back then, and we began seeing each other. In retrospect, I understand how it looks, but at the time nearly a decade ago, I had no concept of any kind of specific dynamic or imbalance.
But I was a huge fucking idiot. I was never clear about how I saw that relationship, and I wasn’t there for her in any way she needed. I was scared to end the relationship, so I saw other people. I figured this was fine since we weren’t calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. But that was just an excuse. I couldn’t confront anything real, because I was a coddled baby, and I handled it like a dishonest, dipshit coward. It was the worst regret of my life to that point. Knowing I hurt them was pain I didn’t know I could cause. It was the wake up call I needed. I apologized to her in every way I could. And to this day- I am SO sorry.
I renounced everything about the way I was- my attitude, the way I am towards other people, all of it. I got therapy and reached out to anyone else I felt had been affected, too, to apologize for who I was. I didn’t want to be that person anymore. I hated that person. I have spent years getting away from this behavior and trying to be more vocal about making sure other people aren’t poisoned like I was.
She called me out for this relationship online years ago. Although parts of what she wrote were not accurate, and I was upset at first- I still ultimately felt like I deserved it. I was rotten and unredeemable in my own eyes.
But this relationship kept going. They became kind to me again and gave me another chance. My guilt was heavier than ever and this felt like relief. But I felt like things were still not really healed. I suggested separation with no contact (as my doctor had suggested), but anytime I tried this, there was an explosion of anger. I was terrified of her. I kept seeing her and made the most of it. This went on for years. We would separate and get back together. Anytime I brought up total lack of contact, it was met with rage. It was always hinted that she would destroy my name online if I abandoned her again. I became afraid to turn anything down. ANYTHING. I had to keep her happy because I couldn’t bear to be torn to shreds again. Guilt and fear kept me attached.
About three years ago, I had to cut contact completely. I blocked everything. My friends were made uncomfortable by certain actions of hers and I couldn’t take anymore. This did not go over well. I made attempts to get a restraining order, but across state lines, this was expensive and difficult. I didn’t do any of that because I hated her- I did it because I felt like the cycle was never going to end.
I think that once it was abundantly clear I was never going to respond to them again, that was when the narrative became “grooming.” I had multiple people reach out to me that they heard this being discussed. I want to say again that’s not what the situation was.
I didn’t want to make any of this public- not even honestly for my sake, but for hers. I’m STILL genuinely concerned for her and never wanted anything to make her look bad. Even with all that happening, I cared about her, and I still do. But I can’t live in the fear of this anymore. I’m not trying to make myself the victim- I was a total fuckup for years and made a ton of awful mistakes. And I'm so sorry. She’s right that I need to be more accountable and do things right- I have done my best to put in real work to be a good person for many years now. But I have suffered for too long and cannot continue to be punished publicly for this. I am trying to, at last, move on and I hope the best for her in this as well.
But even then, this chick really wants to fucking nuke his career at all costs.

posting some alleged texts from five years ago.



She tried to get this signal boosted on Reddit, but after Rocco's reply, she got pissed that people were laughing at her stupid ass.


Note, her goal here is to get Rocco to leave Mega64.

Nothing about say, legal justice or anything. She and Ashley just want to ruin his career.

On Ashley's side, however. She's completely lost the plot and started spamming Degrassi clips.
But here's the icing on the cake. Jules, herself, made her own accusations about someone from Mega64. And they're just as unhinged as you'd expect.

>"I told him to not try to have sex with me because I have impulse sex with people.
>"I was stuck and all I know how to do when faced with sexual discomfort is to have more sex"
>It's his fault that I have no self control

I didn't think it was possible, but this woman may be the world's first documentable case of sexual retardation, especially since she's 100% fucking serious about this.
Sex addict.
So what have we learned here today, boys and girls?
Putting your dick in a they/them is a fucking mistake, 100% of the time.
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Aug 4, 2016
Ashley's run into her own little bit of trouble trying to smear Rocco.

This guy named CurtDogg spammed the chat of the Mega64 DnD stream demanding an answer from Rocco. Ashley and CurtDogg are apparently friends.
CurtDogg is a sex pest (not gonna say allegedly, because this dumbass was going around revelling in Rocco's accusations)

Having this dirty laundry aired out got him pissed and he started melting down in defense of himself.

Jules impulsively jumped to call him out, then deleted the post.

You could package the irony of this and bludgeon someone with it.

Chef Kef

All female hands on me
Jul 6, 2020
Going to post some information I left in the happenings thread and some additional context for those of you that are unaware. This recent drama actually goes back years, Ashley was a well known fan of mega64 who they often took calls from on their podcast aftershows. At certain points it was publicly assumed that Rocco and Ashley were dating, or at least involved. In around 2015 Ashley made this post on Tumblr:


The girl she is referring to actually started posting on 4chan at one point to address the drama, and claimed she had had sex with Sam Hyde as well.

There was a fair ammount of drama about this at the time, but for the most part everyone moved on, forgot about it, or didn't care. Some of it is discussed after the fact on this archived /v/ thread for context

But this extremely old drama was recently brought back into discussion by the allegation of Jules. Matt Bruce is not a member of Mega64, but I guess he is a friend of Rocco's or something like that. In order to add more support to her allegation against Matt Bruce, Jules decided to throw Rocco's name under the bus as well and Ashley went along with it and made the tik tok, still being bitter at Rocco.
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Jul 7, 2016
I remember Jedifan used to call into the podcasts a lot, yesterday he posted a statement from Ashley on reddit, I'll paste it here in case it gets deleted

I want to address this “cancelling of Rocco” topic real quick.

My point of coming out with this was not to cancel him or anyone for that matter.

I did it to address something that Rocco has continuously hid and swept under the rug for years.

It’s sad that this is a well known secret.

And let’s be real, Rocco will never be cancelled because he will do everything in his power to avoid this topic.

Go silent for a few days and comeback like nothing happened.

There are a few women, some I’ve even recently talked to, that have shared similar stories w/ me.

A 30 something year old Rocco seeking out his teenage fans through Facebook/Instagram. Messaging them out of the blue, Giving free merch and/or studio tours, as an incentive. (Don’t even get me started with his famous “Disneyland dinners”.) It’s become a routine for him at this point.

Illegal? No. Gross? Yes.

And yes, this was many years ago but the manipulation and pain he’s put other teenage women over the years, lasts a lifetime.

It’s easy to say you’ve gotten help and “healed” from the situation but this person has never had to address and face the many women he’s hurt and manipulated.

This is what I meant by taking accountability.

Real mental growth will never happen if you aren’t able to face those truths.

Be responsible with the power and platform you hold or more younger women will get hurt.

-Ashley V.

The mods deleted this comment from the thread

This was posted before Rocco's statement and seems to line up with what he said
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Gotta go fast
Oct 1, 2018
That statement of Rocco was shit. He spends a good part of it just writing about how he used to be an asshole and didn't think about the "imbalance" of a 19 year old dating a person in their late 20s.

First of all, what's the actual problem of a 19 year old and a 28 year old dating? Why is he giving the accusers ammo by saying their was a power imbalance?

Why bring up that you think you were a asshole in your 20s? How does that help you in anyway? Is he purposfully sticking his foot in his mouth?

Chef Kef

All female hands on me
Jul 6, 2020
The white knight redditor is Jedifan421, long time fan of mega64 who works in hollywood. He's known for making fan compilations, specifically one of Rocco Botte which he has now deleted in what he likely sees as a slight against Roccco's honor and internet fame. He claims to be a friend of Ashley, but besides that its unknown why he turned on rocco depsite being a hardcore fan until very recently, as evidenced by his twitter account.

A lot of the response threads have been nuked by mods, but here is what two (seemingly female) redditors from the mega64 community had to say about Jedifan:


It seems fairly odd that Ashley and Jules are trying to take down "alleged groomer" Rocco Botte while associating with alleged sex pests themselves.

This guy used to call into the podcast all the time, and by complete coincidence I was listening to a random aftershow where he called in fairly recently and remembered him saying that he worked on Ready Player One.

I went to the Ready Player one IMDB and sure enough there is a Robert Patrick Pigott listed as an editorial production assistant, which is obviously him because the twitter account he posted Ashleys video from is @doctorpigot.


Sep 10, 2019
(This is a quick and dirty OP mean to facilitate discussion quickly)
Rocco Botte of famous internet skit comedy show Mega64 has been accused of "grooming" his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Veja, when she was 19.
Your browser is not able to display this video.
Ashley posted this video on Tiktok which got her account there banned.
"I found out years later he was actually grooming me" she says as she smiles. Individuals that are actually groomed typically don't smile when they discuss the events and make cheeky tiktok videos. lmao what a stupid bitch.

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