The Great Reddit Exodus of r/NoNewNormal - NNN, the KKK of our era!

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Aug 2, 2021
Dear Kiwifaggots, we are witnessing history! We are witnessing imperial justice purging the evil corruption that spreads on reddit through wrongthink! You are privileged to spectate the cleansing of evil from our divine church, Reddit!

For those who don't know, r/NoNewNormal (NNN? KKK? Coincidence? I think not!) is a lovechild of r/coronaviruscirclejerk, r/lockdownskepticism and (Uh oh!) r/walkaway and r/conservative. Yup! Looks like TDfugees found a new safe space !


But fear not! The holiest of the holy, the Science's chosen holy warriors, with one hand on the keyboard and one on their nuts, have taken upon the holy quest, holy crusade to purge the evil serpent, the unholy heretics, the wrongthinkers and fake-newsers, the ones that associated with r/the_donald, cursed by his name!

I got introduced to this subreddit by someone bitching about being banned. Rumor has it, reddit autobots are doing the holy work, and banning anyone from random subreddits for participating in this subreddit.



The seethe is real.

Redditadmin, pwetty pwease unban me fwom youw safe space subweddit! I pwomise I will be nice and do no wwongthink! UWU <3

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Jun 11, 2018
It's not about the sub itself, it's about the mods going apeshit.

Yesterday i pointed out Vaccines were not 100% effective and still cause spread and then linked data to go along with that out of Israel parts of the USA. Then I ended my post with Vaccine passports are useless so why are you people pushing this shit?

The response? 72 downvotes (in less than 5 minutes)

Today I got this page which i have never even seen before.

Seems like Reddit is cracking down on wrongthink harder than ever....not that this is new but lately is been overdrive and maybe is worth documenting.

I have several other burner accounts under other emails but at this point i think i will just not give them anymore clicks...unless its some /Pol Tranny bullying OP I am just going to blacklist the site


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Dec 30, 2018
And I bet every one of them came out of Langley AFB.

No way it was organic because i was +3 upvoted after i refreshed.

Reddit really wants non vaccinated people to live in cages or something
Really interesting, please go out like a honorable man and commit sepukku before the reddit gangstalkers get you.
And yes I am doubleposting because this thread is fucking gay.
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