The Great Reddit Exodus of r/NoNewNormal - NNN, the KKK of our era!

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Suburban Bastard

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Apr 7, 2019
Yesterday i pointed out Vaccines were not 100% effective and still cause spread and then linked data to go along with that out of Israel parts of the USA. Then I ended my post with Vaccine passports are useless so why are you people pushing this shit?

The response? 72 downvotes (in less than 5 minutes)

Today I got this page which i have never even seen before.

Seems like Reddit is cracking down on wrongthink harder than ever....not that this is new but lately is been overdrive and maybe is worth documenting.

I have several other burner accounts under other emails but at this point i think i will just not give them anymore clicks...unless its some /Pol Tranny bullying OP I am just going to blacklist the site

Go huff some carbon monoxide and fuck off you faggot.
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