The Great Twitter Meltdown of 2021 - Emulator creator Byuu bullied to death by HateSpeech™ forum, Twitter takes up arms

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Will This Be Of Any Consequence?

  • Yes, Kiwi Farms terrorists will be publicly hanged

    Votes: 717 14.5%
  • Yes, Kiwi Farms will be shut down

    Votes: 95 1.9%
  • No, 41% the army has already taken 41% casualties

    Votes: 1,699 34.5%
  • No, this backfires and MATI goes viral

    Votes: 702 14.2%

    Votes: 1,718 34.8%

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Feb 2, 2021
Fuckwits on reddit I swear to God...the worst is that man 'TransGirlInCharge'...
That user name says everything I need to know. I'm tranny jannie and I got powah! (to compensate for being a loser in real life)

Is not that they got much of a choice. Either they believe (or pretend to) in that lie with all their might, or they face the consequences of being absolute idiots

We'll see how long they can kick the can down the road. The longer they deny byuu's non-death, the funnier it will be.


Stage one midboss of the Transphobes
May 31, 2017
I literally don't get it. Like, my nephew's room has all sorts of action figures and dolls and crap lined up everywhere, and it's still somehow less embarrassing than Hector's workspace that he (presumably?) does work in.

It's a sort of arrested development that I'll never understand. Hector's a grown-ass adult. Does he entertain other adults ever? Does he have women over, ever? What about his parents, surely they come visit every now and then? How is he not embarrassed to show other people his home and office-space when he's got little anime girls lined up everywhere?
Now that you've mentioned it the placement of the figures on that speaker is just improper as hell. If that thing topples over, everything falls down. This is why you put stuff like that (which some can be super expensive) on a table or a shelf, not some prop up subwoofer.


Sharp as ATTACK
Apr 1, 2021
Creative trannies is a great oxymoron I'll give you that,
and also a great band name. As well as our other favorites, ForTee Wonper Cent, DeeDee Ohess Attacks! and who can forget, the sick dilation beats of Tran Nee SideShow Party!
Have you heard of the Trans Fats?

I saw something in chat but I was late. I thought the alive reception party was in March. Is today special or something?