The Great Twitter Meltdown of 2021 - Emulator creator Byuu bullied to death by HateSpeech™ forum, Twitter takes up arms (Still No Death Report)

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Will This Be Of Any Consequence?

  • Yes, Kiwi Farms terrorists will be publicly hanged

    Votes: 783 14.4%
  • Yes, Kiwi Farms will be shut down

    Votes: 99 1.8%
  • No, 41% the army has already taken 41% casualties

    Votes: 1,885 34.7%
  • No, this backfires and MATI goes viral

    Votes: 769 14.2%

    Votes: 1,889 34.8%

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Sharp as ATTACK
Apr 1, 2021
Creative trannies is a great oxymoron I'll give you that,
and also a great band name. As well as our other favorites, ForTee Wonper Cent, DeeDee Ohess Attacks! and who can forget, the sick dilation beats of Tran Nee SideShow Party!
Have you heard of the Trans Fats?

I saw something in chat but I was late. I thought the alive reception party was in March. Is today special or something?

Feb 2, 2021
Awesome Games Done Quick is happening right now.
And ended with a whimper.
Casual reminder that Hector Martin's excuse was that somehow the Japanese managed to fuck up reporting Byuu's suicide for an entire fucking month and in three days we're gonna get another report from the State Department without David Ginder's name on it.

Knight of the Rope

True & Honest Fan
Mar 3, 2021
I still don’t get why marcan streams himself coding. Is that like a thing? The last thing I’d want to do while programming is have a bunch of nerds asking me retarded questions.
Same here, but for me it's more self-consciousness that I'm literally the slowest typer to have ever existed and I wouldn't want the kiddies making fun of my 'index-and-middle-finger-only' 20wpm boomer typing style.