The Great War (2021) - Deagle Nation Rides Again

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Alex Krycek

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Apologies if this should be moved somewhere else. I merely thought this would be the best place to post it.

So if you joined or lurked the board before 2016 you were almost certainly aware of ParkourDude91 and Deagle Nation. Even if you didn't a lot of the sites culture either directly or indirectly comes from that series. Those times are some of the most fun I've ever had on the internet hands down. The antics of Jace and his crew were documented even on sites like Buzzfeed and were featured on the SyFy channel. There were all kinds of wacky things and playing badly at Video Games. As it turned out, the entire thing was elaborate performance art by a guy affiliated with Sam Hyde and Million Dollar Extreme. He got various people in his life including his mom to appear on camera and would stay in character for hours at a time. He parodied so many things that it honestly got to be pretty much everyone's favorite thing on the site. However the jig was up and he faded from the internet. He still kept in touch with a handful of people from the site but for the most part he was gone and wasn't working on as many things in the same capacity as he had before. That being said it didn't mean he had used all the ideas that he wanted to. There were still things left that he had plans for. While some of these ideas came to be used in Million Dollar Extreme sketches, he still had something else planned.

Well tomorrow that goes into effect. Ladies and Gentlemen I present for you a new series that he's had in the works for a while: The Great War. Premiering tomorrow evening 9PM EST.

(Sorry I can't embed on a shitty mobile phone)

This isn't something that was low effort at all and it isn't trolling. Its a new series of videos that he will be releasing for the fans old and new. Even if you don't know anything about Deagle Nation this series will be pretty good at parodying various aspects of culture. Sam Hyde is in it and spent about 40K and even blew up a car in the making of this series. If you like satire and wit this series will be worth a watch. Anyway hope to see you all there.

At least the Commander this time is showing his eyes proving once and for all that he is able to emote other than anger.

1/10 still though, where is Tyce?
I thought the blond guy was tyce? is that not him? its been like 5 years and he could look different

Also i didnt know there was a second version of this trailer, weird that theyd make 2 versions? the second one just seems like the first but with more of Jace. i saw the first one when sam first posted it, and i think it should be pointed out that sams version of the trailer was posted during the exact time that people were storming the capitol building, down to the hour, which is fairly fucking kino

I also think there is a non-negligable chance they will be sued by the general insurance co for this which will probably be funnier than the video itself.

Either way i will be watching the first episode tomorrow night because either this will be a return to form for jace/jan and sam hyde, who have both fallen from grace, either that or it will be a last ditch attempt to regain relevance. both options are interesting


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didn't this loser throw a tantrum in 2016 where he gave people his login information for KF, when he still had admin privs here? Remember when he summoned users who were into DN into a skype group where he proceeded to do un-funny streams before disappearing back to the bedroom in his mom's house?

Imagine your most notable accomplishment being a recording of a car accident that left you half potato and incapable of attending college, and a lolcow uses that same video to successfully grift cash out of the pockets of losers.

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