The Great War (2021) - Deagle Nation Rides Again

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Anime is the next stage of evoltin. now yuo see...
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So the good commander has returned.... Fuhahahaha.... just as planned... jace and his deagle nation cronies wont stop me this time...


Gay Retard
There must be a way to subscribe to only the good stuff and not endless videos Sam Hyde telling you how to get a job and stay away from crazy women.
Just make a thread on sam hyde and then, according to the rules of this website, then someone could post all his very cringe and unfunny paywall videos where he says 'get off your phone' 1 million times, as well as this new content

Broseph Stalin

Smoke a Fed for St. Herkster
Remember when Jace got Eli sent to Israel on a secret Deagle Nation mission and had us all wondering if he actually got lost in Jerusalem or something?

Those were the days

Shiiit, I remember the Juggalo Beatdown video and thinking that shit was legit.

Wonder how well Jace remembers the basics of CQC after all these years...

What is this? A bunch of faggots doing lasertag? Looks like I missed the episode airing anyway. Oh well.

Lol you must be new here.

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