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ZN 322

This was a classic. The show itself lasted on UK TV for a long time, though it had it's beginnings here in the US with a version that only lasted a few months at best.
One day I really need to sit down and watch some actual episode of Catch Phrase. I grew up watching game shows with my Grandma and I still watch some classic game shows from time to time but I've never seen a full episode of Catch Phrase.
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Ralph Barnhardt

I tried that was alright I guess.
I'll see your ten minutes and raise you a weeb ten minutes

I had been thinking about this video for awhile but could not remember it's name or where I saw it from. After a long search last night I was able to find it. I hope it's as good for you as it is for me.

And then something to clean your palette after the horrors of what you just saw.


UE 558

Any YTP by Krobo, WalrusGuy, or BarneyIsPerverted, to my knowledge they’re some of the only classic YTPers who didn’t turn into turbospergs
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Ralph Barnhardt

I tried that was alright I guess.
For something really wholesome and autisticly entertaining check this guy's channel out. I don't even know how it got on my suggested feed. I'm really impressed at the amount of thought and work that he put into his series.

Go Green Ducks!

And for something not so wholesome....

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