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Ralph Barnhardt

I tried that was alright I guess.
I have a real soft spot for the low quality idiocy that Ricesnot does. I understand why he never got big, it's pretty weird and silly stuff, but it's a shame none the less imo. This is the playlist for the whole Bones saga. Grab some Viennetta ,or some DQ ice cream cake if your on other side of the pond, and enjoy. Why? These are the mysteries.

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Dave Meltzer
Richard Feynman's answer to how magnets work. The comments in the original video, which is linked in the description of this video, are entertaining. Went over a lot of people's head what he was saying.

Gilbert Gottfried and Sam Kinison on Howard Stern joking about the funeral of Ryan White. An 18 year old that died of AIDS and got a ton of media attention at the time. One of the funniest things ever on the show with Gilbert doing his Dice Clay impression and interrupting the funeral.
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Ralph Barnhardt

I tried that was alright I guess.
The algorithm spat this one out to me. I think Null's too worried about our corporate overlords. If they can give me something like this every so often they can't be that bad right?

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Ralph Barnhardt

I tried that was alright I guess.
I have come across the greatest YouTube channel of all time.

All they upload is vibrating panties challenges. Surprised this isn't down already
In the words of Murdoch-chan
"That's degenerate"

On a related note: I typed in degenerate into youtube hoping to get some kind of zinger reply when I found The Golden one.

I don't know what it is but he looks like the one man a beard doesn't help. Don't bother watching the whole thing. He's just pissy because some tubby guy claims to be pagan and The Golden One isn't having it. The best parts is dat opening and this.

And remember boys and girls, if you are not physically strong you CANNOT refer to yourself to as pagan.
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