The Highlight Feature - Technical problems and suggestions


The highlight feature doesn't work in some threads, probably one's that have been merged with others such as this thread and this thread.

Also, I would like to see a 'Previous Highlight' button on pages where there are no highlights, right next to the 'First Unread' button; much in the way you can jump to the first highlight on the first page of the topic.



The Stranger
Null I know you’ve been told this before, but please put a “next highlight” at the bottom of posts too. Can be tedious over a long time when you’re reading a large thread and there a long comments and you have to be scrolling up. I’ve also noticed sometimes going to the next highlight, if it’s on another page, will leave you at the top, and clicking “next highlight” at the top to the page skips the page you’re on entirely. I managed to get through 900 out of nearly 2000 pages of a thread in around a few hours so it’s definitely helpful but they get really annoying when you do happen to binge read the threads.