Culture The Hollywood Sex Pest Megathread - America saw Yewtree and said 'We can top that'

Did Harvey Weinstein molest you?

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Cautiously optimistic, I hope this would take off. Everybody gets accused of sexual harassment, especially after Weinstein. However, innocent people may be caught in the crossfire. Or one thing gets massively overblown.

But because this is the Internet, this may turn into a counter like Blue Lives Matter was to Black Lives Matter, and the premise gets ruined by insufferable people.


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His fucking foot fetish...
Also he is the one choking Diane Kruger in Inglorious Bastards
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I know there's already a #MeToo thread. However, the circumstances of this particular case are rather interesting.

So, if you have kept up with #MeToo shittery, you'll know that legendary opera singer Plácido Domingo has been recently accused of sexual harassment by a number of women. Due to this, concerts of his in Philadelphia and San Francisco have already been canceled.

So what's new here? Thing is, over the last couple of months, Domingo's former daughter-in-law and ex-member of the Church of Scientology has been speaking very publicly speaking out about all the fucked up stuff she saw within, starting with this interview in the Daily Mail. It's full of juicy messed up stuff. Talks of spiritism, labor camps and forced abortions. She has also spoken about them almost killing Brad Pitt with some freaky drug-purification ritual.

Concerning Plácido Domingo, he's apparently not very fond of the sons of Xenu. For many years they essentially extorted the guy, making him pay for stuff out of fear of not being able to see his children and grandchildren. He actively worked to get his family out of the cult, and while most of it is currently out, one of his sons remains in.

And now, shortly after this has been revealed, a bunch of women come out of nowhere and accuse Plácido of being a serial harasser.


I mean... there's the slight possibility he is both a creep AND on scientology's bad side, but yeah, my first suspicion is definitely on this being bullshit.

Why hasn't someone just up and murdered those assholes yet? Seriously, they try to drive people to suicide, you'd think that would have backfired once or twice by now...

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