Culture The Hollywood Sex Pest Megathread - America saw Yewtree and said 'We can top that'

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Did Harvey Weinstein molest you?

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BTW, there's a new accusation this time, and it's a singer and not an actor. Should it get its own thread and not a post here?


Not the fun kind
Since this has been going on so long it's been really interesting "yachting" has never come up, even though it's spoken about often in gossip sites.

If you are a female who is in the celebrity profession who needs a quick "cash injection" there is always the world’s oldest profession to help you pay your bills. Have you ever wondered how some of the celebrities that are seemingly famous for nothing happen to somehow keep getting so much money from nowhere?


If you were at the Cannes film festival, Dubai, Coachella, etc, either alone or as part of a "promotional tour" for something unusual, chances are you that you were getting paid to party. They call it “yacht rent.” Your agent simply get contacted by a very wealthy individual, most commonly a Saudi or UAE Oil Baron or Prince. They have the multimillion dollar yacht ready to go. And you spend your weekend cruising around the mediterranean, away from the snapping cameras of papparazzi. And at the end you get handed an envelope with a "gift" inside ranging from 6 to 9 figures, depending on your current popularity and demand.

This young daughter of a music legend is already running wild on the yacht circuit!

Given the problems her famous sibling had at her age (drugs, alcohol, etc.) you would think that her parents would take extra precautions to keep this one safe.

Nope! Even though she is still underage, her parents let her do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Because allowing a child to party all night long… thousands of miles away… with rich 40- and 50-year-old men… and lots of drugs… is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. And, yes, she is doing all of the above.

When all the young, hip celebrities are at Coachella, you have to ask why this in-demand model would choose NOT to be there.

Why would she fly halfway around the world to hang out in a place where she was paid to simply host a party?

Hosting pays, yo!

Right. Other than that couple of hours of “work”, she is there along with other attractive young women to hang out on boats belonging to some older, very wealthy men on yachts.

She isn’t going to release any photos of her with the old men. You’ll just see her kicking it with other women like it’s some kind of girls vacation.




This model’s team tried really hard to scrub her image from gold-digging man eater to pure and innocent nice girl. They even claimed that she had never had sex with the man she had been dating for over a year.

She’s pure! She’s innocent!

Their next task will be to try to convince you that another man gave her over $5 million in “gifts” simply because he enjoyed her “company.” Aboard his yacht. It’s odd that he doesn’t show up in her dating history, because she actually “dated” him for over a year, accumulating “gifts” the entire time.

Miranda Kerr recently married billionaire Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel. Remember when they floated the story that the two were engaged but had never had sex and were waiting until marriage?

LOL. That was a funny story.

Miranda Kerr really wants you to think that she’s pure and innocent. This is the same Miranda Kerr who got Orlando Bloom to marry her by getting knocked up.

This is the same Miranda Kerr who spent 2014, 2015, and 2016 with three billionaires. She couldn’t get Australian businessman James Packer to marry her. She spent a year yachting with Malaysian businessman Jho Low. American businessman Evan Spiegel finally did marry her.

So pure. So innocent.

Let’s talk about the middle billionaire.

Low Taek Jho (aka Jho Low) is a Malaysian financier and the beneficiary of numerous discretionary trust assets said by the U.S. Government to originate from corrupt payments out of the Malaysian 1MDB fund. (Yes, this is the same scandal in which Leonardo DiCaprio is involved.) They basically stole billions of dollars that were supposed to be spent helping poor Malaysian people.

Miranda Kerr had a special “friendship” with this scummy businessman. Miranda Kerr spent over a year with Jho Low, yachting with him and accepting MILLIONS of dollars worth of “gifts” from him.

Yet, she didn’t talk about their relationship on social media. And there were no photos of them together. That’s… odd, isn’t it?

Well, Miranda Kerr has now been forced to turn over the $8.1 million in jewels that Jho Low gave her… to the U.S. Justice Department!

Kari Kamiya

Dopey Mew
Pixar's very own John Lasseter is up next on the chopping block. His reasons for going on leave are vague but in the current climate it's probably a safe assumption that he had his snake in someone's boots.,-Pixar-chief-John-Lasseter-taking-leave?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=APEntertainment
I really don't want to believe these allegations (like the deaths of Joe Ranft and Glenn McQueen couldn't have affected him that much). I am fully aware the animation industry has a lot of degenerate animators in just about every single production company there is, but when a studio works so hard to prove itself as a family studio (and from what I've seen in behind-the-scenes footage, Pixar acts and feels like a family unit), it's possible there's things kept under wraps in every single echelon. Lasseter looks like he's an awkward fellow anyway, but he comes off as very friendly otherwise, even if there's some questionable decisions he's made with films.

The six month leave of absence may or may not be the best thing to do, but if he really did do something out of line from just an awkward hug, then let the evidence and/or confession come forward so it can just end. Dragging shit out like this and trying to sweep it under the rug only makes it worse.


Not the fun kind

Gal told me about men who followed models around to casting calls. They were paid by clubs to convince models like us to join them at these clubs in exchange for expensive food, drinks, publicity photos, and VIP treatment. Gal told me to never trust these men, because they rape.

Gal’s previous roommate had been tricked by one of these men, and the underlying message was clear: trust Gal. I felt safe with Gal. I did not realize then how little I knew about rape, predators, and the culture that supports them.

Gal and I spent most of our free time together. We shared food, clothes, and makeup. We went to the gym. We went shopping and tanning together. We went on photo shoots together. I made her a mix CD. I sang her to sleep. I watched her smoke constantly out of the window. We shared body insecurities, and she shared sex stories. She made sure to appear confident, knowledgeable, and successful — even then. She fed me information about Israel. Whenever she discussed Palestinians, she showed deep hatred.

Gal set us up on dates with men who expected sex in exchange for the lavish meals they fed us, although we never slept with them. She would pick smaller men, and threaten them after dinner. They complained and she chased them off with more threats. She would laugh about it later. She used sex as a weapon....

Several weeks into my stay, she took me to meet her Israeli friends including her best friend Ayala*. Ayala and her boyfriend Yaniv seemed very close. He appeared to dote on her, and they seemed very much in love.

Almost alone. At least I had Gal, I thought. She came home two days later. She knew something had happened by looking at me. I wonder if I reminded her of her previously raped roommate.

Gal immediately began interrogating me. I could see no compassion in her eyes. I told Gal something had happened between Yaniv and I.

She took me down to the basement. It was cold, mechanical, and frightening. We were alone. Then her anger exploded.

She stood over me, intimidating and loud, blaming me for what happened. Her eyes were fire. I had already felt small and violated, but she shamed me into feeling obsolete. I felt extremely dirty. Already in shock, I disassociated from my body. I can’t remember most of her words. I remember being in utter terror of her anger.

Yaniv Nahoum is responsible for drugging and raping me. That was not Gal’s fault. But her confidence and her power in blaming me opened up a part of my brain, and filled me with an all-consuming shame. I can still feel the pressure of her hands pushing down on me.

The trust she built with me was a gateway to my total devastation.

Predators gain trust in order to exploit it for their advantage.

Gal has succeeded in a predatory industry because she is a predator. She is unafraid to destroy others in pursuit of her ambitions. Like any strong predator, she knows how to target, destroy, and consume the weakest and most vulnerable.

Highly skilled predators in our society manage to land roles where they cultivate public trust.

Bill Cosby put on a sweater and built trust as a Huxtable.

Gal Gadot put on a breastplate and became an icon for women.
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I don't see the issue.
Journalism is becoming like Cracked articles now where they just have to slip in a bit of antisemitism, or at least imply you're an "islamophobe" if they don't like you. Even when it's completely irrelevant to the subject at hand.
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