The Holocaust Thread - The Great Debate Between Affirmers, Revisionists and Deniers


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Jul 27, 2017
In my time on the internet's political sphere, I've inevitably come across Holocaust Revisionism I used to just write it off as fringe lunacy, but after some recent events in my life, I'm much more interested than I was before. Some have claimed that revisionism has gained traction as to "rehabilitate" National Socialism by removing the source for all the stigma from perhaps the single most controversial series of events. Others claim revisionists are simply trying to parse out the fact from fiction, especially in the age where the Holocaust has been sensationalized so crassly that led scholars like the late Raul Hilberg, close friend of Norman Finkelstein and famous for publishing the landmark scholastic book on the Holocaust titled "The Destruction of the European Jews", to condemn such works as worthless "Holo-trash". These revisionists frequently debate whether the Holocaust was planned centrally from the top down (these are called "intentionalists") or if it was done by the military ad-hoc on the ground while fighting the war (these are called "functionalists"). And then, there are the deniers. These people typically deny the gas chambers existed and greatly diminish the death toll to the hundred thousands.

I'm interested in hearing from everybody, but especially the deniers. Even if the gas chambers never existed, how do you explain Operation: Reinhard or Generalplan Ost? I will accept any concrete evidence that some sort of conspiracy was responsible for the falsifying or grossly exaggerating the Holocaust. Let all your sources be full of proper citations. I would most prefer you have sources that are non-partisan, but sometimes, that simply is too tall an order. Still, there are surely some impartial critics of the Holocaust.

I've also seen these posted every now and then, and was hoping you would respond to them.

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Mar 16, 2020
Germans loved Je᠎ws so much, that they built camps for them. Camps with swimming pools, dentists, doctors, football teams, plays. But they really really loved Je᠎ws so much, that they wanted to give them a special gift. What does man love more than anything else, thought the German? Why work, of course. So they gave them more work than they could ever complete in their life, so big was the German's love for the J᠎ews. Because the Germans knew, arbeit macht frei.

But in their love, they made an error. J᠎ews are not like Germans. Despite their superior intellect, they have a kryptonite, an achilles heel, fatal flaw with which they can be brought down. Work. Oh how the Germans cried out when the more gifts they gave the Je᠎ws, the more of their favorite friends died. So deep was the German's grief of the loss of their friends, that they managed to run their crematoriums at speeds never rivalled before or after. And so heartbroken were the Je᠎ws at feeling betrayed by their greatest ally, that they found a new greatest ally across the ocean.

And the J᠎ew knew the German's hearts and that there never was ill will in them, not even when they were machinegunning Je᠎ws by the thousands. Surely the high command can't be blamed for local Germans not obeying orders, as Germans are prone to. Certainly they knew that the Final Solution was simply the quest to find the greatest gift to give to Je᠎ws, and the Je᠎w planned similar parties like The Morgenthau Surprise Party Plan, which would have led to to millions of Germans re-uniting with their favorite friend in the afterlife.

Of course when the war was over, the Je᠎ws looked at the price Germans had paid for the loving gestures toward them and thought to give them a gift worth giving back. And the Je᠎ws knew there is nothing better than a Je᠎w, so to truly give a gift worth giving to the Germans, we're going to hug and Je᠎᠎w the crap out of them. Everyone loves lawsuits right? Let's have some celebratory tribunals. And let's treat the Germans the way Mengele treated Je᠎ws. And in their love, the Je᠎ws too made an error, for a German will spend days trying to correct a form error, let alone complete mistrials.

And of course the Je᠎ws felt bad for all the destroyed land that came out of the rocky friendship between Germans and Je᠎ws. They planned some nice land development, some tourist attractions, some fictional gas chambers, like a really depressing disney land. Of course they got some details wrong, like wooden door, lack of holes in the roof, but it's the fantasy that counts. Because even if it's proven false, it was real in their mind. And your mind. And your children's minds.

And they lived happily ever after.
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Syaoran Li

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Feb 19, 2017
I'm of the controversial opinion that the Holocaust...actually happened the way it is presented in the historical record.

Eleven million people (including the six million from the Tribe of Judah) were systematically and brutally murdered by the Nazi government in the 1940's. You can't fake that high of a body count.

Holocaust deniers are autistic tards of the highest magnitude and I never quite understood the whole phenomenon of Holocaust denial. If you hate the Tribe of Judah that much, wouldn't you brag about the time they came closest to extinction?

Even if it's about optics for your political agenda, denying the Holocaust happened at all is bad optics in and of itself.

Syaoran Li

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Feb 19, 2017
It doesn't have to be if everyone can keep it on topic. This is the deep thoughts board, a place for serious discussions.

True, but the topic is pure /pol/ tard bait so a trip to Spergatory is probably inevitable.

I've spoken my opinion on the matter and now I'm just going to sit back, grab some popcorn and a drink, and enjoy the impending shitshow.


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Dec 21, 2019

An informative post for my fellow kiwis of culture.

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Jun 18, 2019
The holocaust has been sensationalized and maybe not everything that has been said about what happened in the camps is true, but that's true of any major historical event, not everything that's been said about them is true, stuff often gets sensationalized, doesn't mean these events as a whole didn't still happen.

Holocaust deniers often will point to some dubious thing from some book as a "gotcha!" as if that somehow proves the Holocaust as a whole didn't happen, do you really expect an event that has been written about as much as the Holocaust has not to have a few falsehoods here and there? Again, this is true of any major historical event.

At the end of the day the ultimate proof of the Holocaust is Holocaust deniers themselves, so often is it wrapped up in extreme anti-semitism that you have to ask yourself the question if people like that had the political power to do so, would they not attempt a genocide? Genocide isn't even that rare of an occurrence throughout human history, so take the fact that the Nazis had a lot of open and extreme anti-semitism, look at anti-semitism throughout history and look at the anti-semitism that is still going on today and tell me that it's hard to believe that at some point someone would attempt a genocide of Jews?

Now, with all that said what is frustrating is the political left does exploit the Holocaust as a political tool, they're always using "mic drop" moments like that to try to end discussion like the "kids in cages" thing whenever one talks about Trump for example, it shames the memory of the people that died to use the tragedy as a political tool to try to shut up any debate and discussion.

But of course tragedy is often exploited for political means and it isn't just a left wing thing either, 9/11 was often used by conservatives in the 2000s to try to shut up any dissent over George W Bush and the Iraq war, it's a tacky tactic and in the case of the Holocaust it has given the event a lot of political baggage that shouldn't really be there, which is unfortunate.

But that still doesn't change the fact that it happened.

The ultimate takeaway I think people should have from not just the Holocaust but the Communist genocides as well is the dangers of political extremism of any stripe, when radical ideology clouds people's judgement of basic human decency, innocent people get hurt in large numbers.


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Jul 13, 2019
All I know, my grandfather was at the liberation of Auschwitz.

He survived Omaha beach being 1 of 2 officers in his company to live. The other guy lost both of his legs...

But, that didn't break my grandfather. He could compartmentalize that...

No, what broke my grandfather was the shit he saw at the concentration camp...

The stuff he saw made him a raging alcholic for most of his life...

So, you could debate the exact death toll if you wish...

But nothing, not even Normandy, or the Hedgerows of France with the 1st Infantry Division could prepare him for the carnage he saw that day....

It was so inhuman it was almost alien...

Bodies of naked children were stacked in piles like garbage. That's just the beginning...
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