The Hyperdimension Neptunia fandom - Which videogame console is your waifu: Autism Edition

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Since Chris-chan was recently discovered to be a member of this fandom, the autism of this particular community has come to light.

Rather amusingly, they feared increased scrutiny would result BECAUSE of Chris-chan becoming part of the fandom, and since I'm part of this fandom yet I fully believe scrutiny is good, I've decided to write an OP for a community thread where all sorts of autism specific to this fandom can get mocked.

When your Neptunia Autism horrifies Neptunia Autists.png

For those not aware, Hyperdimension Neptunia is a series by Idea Factory and Compile Heart where the console wars are represented by a fantasy world where the consoles are Console Patron Units (CPUs) over the nations of Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee, and Leanbox, each representing Sega, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft's consoles respectively, and the games are a parodic take on the console wars.

Given this is a series whose humor revolves around obscure video game trivia and tons of shout-outs to the video game industry in general, and given the Japanese have decided it's best to represent all these consoles (and some game company makers) as a bunch of girls, it's a hive of autismal waifu wars, pedophiles, and sperging in general.

The waifu wars is easy enough to explain, as since all video game consoles and some video game companies are represented by a bunch of women, and since this is a series with almost no guys in it, you got various people sperging about which ones are gay for the others (whether there is canon evidence for it or not), who wants to dry hump body pillows for their waifu of choices, and other assorted facepalm worthy degeneracy.

The pedophiles are mainly attracted to Rom and Ram, the little twin sisters to Blanc, who represent the two halves of the Nintendo DS and their successor consoles, and since both have the appearance of and act like nine years olds, this means a bunch of sick fucks fantasize about doing all sorts of fucked up shit to them.

In canon, they even got perved on by an actual pedo named CFW Trick whom everyone personally beat the shit out of, and while the game made no bones about Trick being a sick fuck and did not glorify his bullshit, IRL sick fucks apparently didn't get the memo.

The general sperging is due to the fact this is a series based around a ton of meta humor about the video game industry.

If you want to find some good places to mine for cringe, try the following:

The main subreddit for this fandom. While it is run by moderators who maintain a very strict no lewds policy of Rom, Ram, or any other character who is a child, that still doesn't stop a bunch of creepy ass spergs from jerking off to the idea anyway.

They even have one member who is INFAMOUS for being a sick motherfucker

A sample of his degeneracy:

IWFR sick fuckery.png

Yes, his username blatantly states he wants to have sex with a nine year old, and while I post on this subreddit, I try to stay the hell away from this guy, because damn, he's fucked up.

You can't swing a dead cat without finding some sort of cringey fanfics here, mainly self insert bullshit and jerk off fantasies concerning the characters going down on each other.

There is an active Neptunia art community here, and while a lot of it isn't too bad, some is either cringey perversion or just fucked in the head in general.
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@GethN7 the topic has potential and its written p good. One thing tho... KF sorta likes to have screencaps to go by. The linking is cool so others can dig, but people don't like to have to "run to the kitchen" for the OP, they like a good sample of what the kitchen has to offer before digging in and cooking, too.


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I was wondering when this was gonna get a thread. As much as I like the games. As much as they might recycle from their previous titles the VN aspect of them is nice. As much as I like the designs and characters that have grown on me over the years. As much as I support the series I have found almost no other series with the amount of people that creep that shit outta me. To the point where I want nothing to do with said communities. Leave it to reddit to house all these pedophilic, lunatic and autistic individuals.


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Having a hard time finding much that's special in what I've found, seems like a lot of your standard waifu-bait fandom autism.

I'm interested in that Reddit creeper, though, if he's not just talk and has some more creative endeavors about his beloved vidyaloli, there could be quite a bit of potential there. Haven't looked too much into his profiles.

Not surprised this fandom is full of autistics, though. True men of class prefer World War Blue ;)


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The only things I know about Hyperdimension Neptunia is that the games are produced by the same company that makes the Disgaea games and that the "Nepu" line likes to get spammed a lot on the Gmod Zombie Survival server I like to play on.

EDIT: I mean to say published, not produced. My apologies.
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