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LOL, I didnt know this guy had a thread on here. He is really stupid and embarassing but pretty harmless. I remember back when I used to hang around with The Best Gamers a lot he was one of my favorite running in-jokes. He's just a big unaware tard but in an endearing sort of way.

His voice and speech patterns are also really easy to imitate and make fun of so thats a plus.

I don't know about harmless, the 'opening up' video was one of the biggest, steaming piles of dung he's ever put on the Internet in which he tried to paint James Rolfe as this cartoonish villain. He made various claims that were easily disproved ( has a great debunking, but there're a few videos out there) and even attributed some of the things Mike Mattei did to James.

And quite a few people took his video at face value.


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Never knew Irategamer has his own thread either.

In most cases for the past few years, all I remember is that he's a simplistic cardboard cutout, his videos can be a hit or miss, and he's just cheesy af in most cases.

I remember several years ago in the old YouTube days where there was some shitshow between TheArchfiend and Chris Bores. Same goes for Silent Rob going against him as well. Pretty sure anyone can get some few laughs here and there.
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I've always wondered how Chris got so popular. It happened really quickly for him, it was the era where everyone was trying their own version of AVGN, and he's never been a good actor or funny.

IG got featured on the front page of YouTube a couple of times when the Angry Reviewer thing was starting to take off. If that never happened he likely would have ended up like every other person who tried and failed.
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Honestly, I don't remember quite so well, but I might binge-watch his show and make note of it. I think he sorta predicted Chris reviewing the same game twice(Rayman Origins).
Let me guess: he complained about it being too hard and had to make an addendum later?


I might be a Falcon Pickle.
Let me guess: he complained about it being too hard and had to make an addendum later?

No, Chris being Chris completely forgot that he had reviewed it already. there's only written evidence about it, since Chris deleted both videos and I can only find the second one reuploaded. Chris has deleted a LOT of videos, mostly the ones in which he shilled mobile apps or chinese crap, but a few reviews as well.
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I might be a Falcon Pickle.

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Excuse the double post, but Chris has recently been accused of possible assault.

Dunno what to say, either it’s real or some dumbass troll is making shit up to stir up trouble again.

I don't think people mind double posts when you're bringing new info to a thread previously dead for months lmao

Irate Gamer Sucks said:
...past comments like his initial thoughts on the 2016 Ghostbusters...
Did he say he was going to rape and kill every member of the Ghostbusters 2016 cast? That is a weird detail to point out in an article with some possibly incriminating evidence in it, I think.

Irate Gamer always came off as a weirdo to me, so I wouldn't doubt he keeps a fucking baseball near his front door at this point.


"Oh this will be the last time trust me"
This was brought up in the comments:


Doesn't surprise me that Chris married someone as loony as he is and they spend their free time being assholes. Seems that a lot of lolcows dedicate a chunk of their existence to stalking and harassing their exes.

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