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He don't
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Gonna play the devil's advocate. Perhaps since they share walls with neighbors, he's just hearing the next family over who lives a normal non-gout related life.
That, or Jasper. Even with the volume cranked it's very faint and cat yowling (or caterwauling) can sometimes sound like baby babbling.

EDIT: here's a video with a similarly faint sound to illustrate what I mean:

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I've listened to the boosted clip a couple times and I'm reasonably certain it's not a cat. I've owned a couple cats and so have like half of my friends and family and that doesn't sound like any cat I've ever encountered. I do agree that cats can often sound like babies, but in this case I really don't think it's a cat.

Doesn't mean it's Phil's baby, though; could be a neighbor's.

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I think it sounds like a baby. I don't think it is Phil's because if he had a kid he likely would have claimed it as a dependent on his bankruptcy papers. He did lie about a lot of stuff but I don't think he would lie about a baby. Wouldn't being able to claim a child help his bankruptcy case?

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Gonna play the devil's advocate. Perhaps since they share walls with neighbors, he's just hearing the next family over who lives a normal non-gout related life.
Personally, I hope it's a co-worker of Kat with her kid coming over for a visit (as stupid this would be with the macarena virus around) or a family walking by outside. If it's the neighbors baby and can be heard by us even through Dave's shitty headset mic, then imagine what the poor neighbors must go through everyday with his daily spergings and rants yelling at the screen and his audience. Makes one wish his next neighbor goes by the name of Walt Kowalski.

For those of you who don't have cats, I'm not saying it's a cat, but it could be a cat outside the room whining to be let in.

The main argument against there being a secret Phil baby: he whines about literally everything that disrupts his "routine". Do you think Phil went through nine months of Khet being miserable, taking her to doctor's appointments, paying for shit for the baby's room, buying stuff for the future baby, etc. and never once used it as an opportunity to complain or ask for money, even when he was drunk half the nights? That's not the DSP I know.

baby was heard crying on 25th March cod stream posted here, thought to maybe bring the discussion here to save the general thread being spammed


a neighbour

proximity mic

radio/tv/game from khet's room, adjacent to the manbaby cave

cat howling

baby crying as a ringtone

better clip

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Holy fuck, lol. Yeah, there actually is a baby crying somewhere.


Here's a clip with the volume upped by +24 dB (turn up your own volume as well if you still can't hear it).

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Could be coming from outside/somewhere in his neighborhood - maybe he had his "office" window open. But hey, w're talking about a dood who asked $1,000 to reveal he bought a cat months earlier, so who the fuck knows anymore what else he might be hiding at any given time, right?
DSP last night did say he had "something special to announce" last night.

Could he be introducing the baby to the stream?