The Julays Fourth Annual Lolcow Awards 2018 + Lolcow of the Year 2018 (LOTY 2018 WINNER: Jonathan Yaniv) - Time to roll the red carpets again!

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Lolcow of the Year 2018

  • "Nostalgia Critic" / Doug Walker

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  • Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams

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  • Erik "Taz" Mokracek / MollyHaleIsMyFriend / MGHSHour / CowboyErik and Anti-Classix

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  • EvaXephon / Yanderedev / Alex Mahan / Alexander Stuart Mahan

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  • Nasim Najafi Aghdam / Nasim Wonder1 / Nasime Sabz / nasimesabz1 / Yesil Nasim / Vegan Nasim

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  • Secret Gamer Girl / SecretGamerGrrl / Googleshng / "Violet Hargrave" / Jacob Lawrence (Jake) Alley

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Yello Mello Custard. Dripping From A Dead Dogs Eye
Congratulations to Jonathan Yaniv for winning Lolcow of the Year 2018!

I admittedly initially planned to hold best heavyweight but later cancelled due to it being held for too long but I can redo it if I can get more requests. See ya next year! :julay:
Sorry to necro, but this boi is really getting himself setup to win 2019. Fuck a Ms. BC pageant


True & Honest Fan
Yaniv managed to seriously rise to the occasion, crushing not only all challengers, but arguably crushing next year's as well. Barring any substantial developments, we're basically likely voting for second place in 2019.