The Jungle/D&B thread. - The brother dubstep pretends doesn't precede them by decades.

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The 8 of Spades

I Cheated Death, I Suggest You Do The Very Same
I personally don't touch remasters. I remember an interview with Ed Rush and Optical where they were saying DJs can't play the older stuff live cuz club sound systems are so different now. I'm guessing that when that older stuff is remastered it's with that live use in mind, and not for someone listening through headphones who can pick out subtler details at their leisure.
I mostly fuck around with my DJ-202 more than vinyl these days but I don't find that hard to believe at all. I like to mix Green Velvet's The Stalker & Flash in my Acid House sets and holy fuck there's something Seriously wrong with the mix on the mp3's. Stalker 's bass sounds incredible on wax through even garbage speakers but it absolutely blows the mix up on the 202 when you record. It sounds fine through the phones but when you play back it's just a fat guy farting and killing your ears. Same with the hats on Flash during the chorus beat, it just overwhelms everything else. My vinyl copy of The Nineties 93 AD-99 AD has never given me an issue.

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