The killers of Ireland

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Randy Lahey

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Nov 16, 2014
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Beware the horns of a bull, the heels of the horse, and the smile of an Englishman. Every true Irishman has taken this wisdom with his or her mother's tard cum. It's hard to disagree with the reality of these words looking at Theresa May's sinister smile. This well-groomed English bitch tries so hard to copy the fascist witch Margaret Thatcher that could leave behind the original, if her clothes weren't chosen by a drunk man suffering from the color blindness. However, the fucking "Saint Teresa" is just an avatar, another embodiment of the collective evil, the fucking quintessence of English neocolonialism, worked into a stiff mixture based on Irish blood.

Do you think that fucking Brexit is a paranoid idea of a snobby bitch dressed like a fuckless pussy from the suburbs of Sheffield, don't you? No, it was a collective decision of the Englishmen. And it is pretty clear why they did it. Today all the adequate people understand that it was Ireland's membership in the EU that allowed to put down the fascist imperial bastards in London that for many years had sponsored and had provided weapons to the struggle groups of Orangemen responsible for the massacre in the occupied Irish counties. It was difficult for the English wankers to be a part of a civilized family of European nations and at the same time to take care of "the death squads". So, they got rid of that trouble on a fair-faced pretext to kill as much Irishmen as they could.

For another thing we have to remember that the EU invested lots of money in the economics' recovery both of independent Ireland and of the territories occupied by the Englishmen. We all perfectly remember the way the humanistic British monarchy worried about the prosperity of the captured Irish lands! Today we're again in for the poverty, for the terror of the protestant thugs but the spongers in London aren't going to stop. They say about the border demarcation! It means we, Irishmen and Scots, are wanted to be violently rent from Europe and put into the English death camp. By the way, do you know it was Englishmen who built the first death camps and Germans just studied under our enlighteners, don't you?

Today thousands of people cross a symbolic border going to work in the independent part of Ireland. After this border is closed, they'll be just out of work, out of future...

Well, it's enough to describe obvious things. As for me, the story seems to be pretty clear. Two old English bitches (on of which killed the ex-daughter-in-law, dared to fall in love with a colored Egyptian man) are eager to suck some Irish blood again. Ok, let them send all their dogs. We haven't forgotten the way to hold the arms yet. So let the English female breeders of the marching little fascists get ready to cry on their coffins. Eire go Brach.

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