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Is Ralph going to acknowledge that January 6th is the reason behind his ban or would he just blame the alawgs? I think he knows the former is true but for show he will just complain about the Farms and @Null to score sympathy points and make us look bad never mind that we already look bad and it backfired on him when he tried that with @adezero.
When he first booted up on the new site he was blathering on about "... Well they got that new report button right there, and Dlive said they were crackin' down on poly-ticks..." Half making it out like it was a bunch of farmers that flagged him, not his Black Israelite buddy saying he "didn't care about the holocaust."
How did he find an alternative so quickly and get set up on it so fast?

Is gaytor that big of a faggot that he searches for backups and has some kind of defcon 1 black binder with a list of z list streaming services if his master gets aborted?
He had the back up already but never used it. Rand recommended it to him.

EDIT: Before he even got his feed up, he already had 33 followers and no content on the channel. I imagine those came over from Discord.

DOUBLE EDIT: Some of his guntlickers have also suggested another alternative over at but it looks really bad.
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Did the gunt get permanently punted? I thought he got a 30 day timeout (still funny).

"Fuckin broke dick Josh don't even get these numbers, you can't abort the...err where the chat gone? Why is the stream dead? Damn ayyylawgs! Gayduh, Gayduh!?!? They're technologically breaking me Gayduh!"
It's a 30-day suspension but Ralph and Gator have confirmed it's because of Dlive's stance against political topics on the platform. He basically can't do his show anymore as it is, unless he just uses it to stream gameplay.


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Tweet | Archive
Tweet | Archive

I'd just like to point out how Ralph's move to Trovo, an occurrence that significantly impacts his show and that should attract huge support from his audience, managed to get less interaction than this tweet announcing a throwaway episode during StreamMe's infancy. Really going down the pipes!


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Do you think Ralph is a little butthurt that Jarbo made the list and he didn't? I mean, it's a bad list to be on, but I get the feeling that Ralph is more than a little assmad over not being included when Jarbo was.
Absolutely. Ralph’s brand is based on notoriety. He dedicated his whole life to cultivating that image of a Right-wing shock jock internet outlaw. Yet despite his best efforts, he wasn’t notorious enough to bother mentioning on some shitty enemies list. Jarbo accomplished this without even trying.

Moreover, given that Ralph has very little to lose, he would actually benefit from being name dropped on a list like this. It would be an affirmation of his brand, and it would expose him to a wider audience. Unfortunately for Ralph, he simply isn’t a formidable force in Right-wing dissident politics. They’re legitimately more afraid of Tea Clips than they are of Ethan Ralph.
I have honestly suspected Raph of being a fed for a while. It would definitely explain why his probation officer is so lenient on him, and he would have no moral qualms selling out his "friends" and his supporters. The only reason I'm not 100% convinced of it is that he wouldn't really have anything of worth to offer the feds.
He’s not a “fed.” Zero chance of it. His PO is just lazy.


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I'd just like to point out how Ralph's move to Trovo
looking into Trovo,
Its own by "Tencent Holdings Ltd a Chinese multinational technology conglomerate holding company"
They got $30 million in the wake of Mixer shutting down.
"Trovo’s partner program allows viewers to subscribe to any streamer on the site, for a $4.99 subscription fee. it takes out the extra step of becoming officially partnered in order to cash in on subscriptions"
So the site uses cash not bitcoin let's see if ralph gets partnered :optimistic:

God getting ralph on your streaming platform is a unironic kiss of death at this point.

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Trovo's Disciplinary Guidelines: Link

Some highlights

For the Trovo 500 program, payments and evaluations are always calculated based on clean hours (after our internal risk control system eliminates suspicious viewership) instead of on the creator studio analytics (the pre-risk control). If someone reaches a certain percentage of suspicious viewership, we will disqualify them from the next month's Trovo 500 eligibility. Should someone repeatedly try to manipulate our system with viewbots in hope of getting accepted into the Trovo 500 program, we reserve the right to permanently suspend their account.

Inappropriate Profiles
If we find that your profile (username, nickname, profile picture or profile information) contains inappropriate content, for example racism or sexually explicit content, we will:
- update your profile, or;
- permanently suspend your account.

Inappropriate Behavior
If we find that you behave inappropriately in someone's chat, for example that you discriminate, insult or threaten a member, we may:
- temporarily suspend your account, starting from 1 day, or;
- permanently suspend your account.

Inappropriate Content
If we find that you stream inappropriate content, for example pornography, promotion of hate, violence and racism, or overly-exposed outfits or otherwise sexually-suggestive content involving in-game characters, we will:
- issue a warning, or;
- temporarily suspend your account, starting from 1 day, or;
- permanently suspend your account.
He could live stream his deliveries.
unironically thatd be great content, seeing reethan interact with people. i dont even mean that to alawg him, it could be like a much mo
Trovo's Disciplinary Guidelines: Link

Some highlights
showing only gaytor,rand,sometimes niggle, and maybe their kid cousins watch the killstream for 800 dollars a month, member when ralph had the numbers to raid all of dlive and subvert bitchunt?

God getting ralph on your streaming platform is a unironic kiss of death at this point.
its almost like giving positive then negative attention to the corey barnhills and the imageboards of the world and then daring them to do shit wasnt such a great idea and doesnt make your gunted bitch tit having midget ass any more manly
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Holy fucking shit my sides. Imagine being less notable than Donga. :story: Who would have guessed that the Gunt fell so low that the biggest faggot of 2019 got the last laugh on Ralph.
Okay okay. Which one of you motherfuckers is the Rothchild?

God getting ralph on your streaming platform is a unironic kiss of death at this point.
I couldn't help myself

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