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The Killstream started off as a podcast at 2014 by Ethan Oliver Ralph who decided that writing is too much effort and opted for a podcast where he hires minions whom he erroneously calls friends to run for him while he stays silent chugging alcohol.

One of the stream highlights was how they aired underage smut live on air while claiming to be clamping down and presenting evidence against a underage porn ring. Details in the link below.

On September 14th 2020, long after its height of popularity, Ralph thought that his shows were so popular and financially viable, that he decided to set up a company centred on his shows. I guess he registered the company in Wyoming instead of his native Arkansas or resident Virginia, because it is the only state that did not find it stupid or is stupid enough not to realise it might be an attempt at money laundering through setting up a shell company.


Please refer to the first 1000 pages of this thread that cover some of the highlights of the show, a lot of which are caused by @theralph engaging in self destructive and scummy behaviour.

Attached to this post is a list of episodes in Excel format, with dates, names and links. I will see if I can upload recordings to archive and video sites in the future.

As of 11th December 2020, he is livestreaming at Tampa, Florida while yelling about Christ even though he described himself as an atheist and had a former girlfriend blame her atheism because of him. It will most likely go as smoothly as the last livestream he had at Miami, Florida.

Please stay tuned to that thread to find out what happens next.

18th December 2020: Ralph was briefly in custody, presumably about the child bride he impregnated and abused looking at how he broadcasted to the world that she is jealous of how he is having an affair with another woman. He returns to host the show...

23rd December 2020: Ralph refused a public defense attorney because he has a 70k an annum income and is no way in financially hard off due to his insistence on living off internet radio instead of finding a real job.

He claims to have a 5 minute hearing to appoint his own attorney to combat the revenge porn charges against him whom he will pay hundreds an hour with a part of his 70k an annum income.

Later that day, he hosts the Killstream with a guest called I, Hypocrite, whose name I assume Ralph who flagged the internet can relate to. Expect him to hope against hope of a Trump second term and him repealing 230 too!

During January the 6th, 2021, Ralph being out on bail cannot leave the state to participate in the sacking of Capitol Hill unfortunately. He claimed he sent his tranny looking girlfriend Pantsu Party into the fray where security shot up women who participated in its sacking. Now, it is strange that Pantsu gave Ralph zero footage of what happened at Capitol Hill at January 6th. Maybe it is because she wasn't there. Even more unfortunately still, because he didn't air the sacking of Capitol Hill and wasn't physically there, he wasn't banned from Dlive together with Fuentes, Gloomtube on 9th January 2021. Instead he was banned on the 12th of January for hosting bloodsports between Jew and a wannabe Jew. You might not have heard of Captain Tarzaryach and Ramzpaul.

On February the 3rd, 2021, we learnt that the courts assigned his case to the Juvenile Court because that is where the domestic cases go to. The trial resumes at February the 10th, 2021 and we can not mislead everyone into thinking that Ralph groomed, imprisoned, drugged then assaulted the juvenile Faith Vickers.

February 7th 2021: Ralph got a 3 day ban from Trovo apparently. Time to consider a switch in platforms Ralph!

PS: OP might be updated with more information about the Killstream.


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L. Duse
christ what the fuck did I miss in the last year regarding this faggot

Make sure you don't miss the Tampa trip. I don't think it is part of the show since he chickened out of livestreaming.

Apparently, Ralph and co. are getting themselves in a brawl with drunk women.
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EDIT: Posted in the wrong forum.

I intend to post the stream of the Tampa Karaoke here anyway. Of course, if Ralph does a Miami redux at Tampa, that'd go to the Tampa Road Rage thread but the stream is still part of the show.

ED: He cut the stream halfway while the whitest black man I have ever seen was singing "Love was made for me and you", how racist of you @theralph. Also he called for his viewers to tune into Warski Live because he is about to call in.

Little did he know that Warski was live interviewing his archi-nemesis PPP!
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So now that Tampa is over, is this the thread where recaps and discussions of his daily streams will be posted?

Should be. My intention for this thread is to curate the show. Might update the OP frequently. Will see how. I am trying to do you a favour @theralph considering that your shows, your podcasts and your stream archives are always taken down.

Do you think the Patreon exclusive content ought to be up too? That is of course dependent on whether I can get my hands on them.

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16th December 2020

He claims that he had the best weekend at Tampa then once he came back he was called in by the cops.

He is not confident that this will be taken care properly? Says Ralph.

Warski spoke about how Ralph made a fool out of himself, sorry, legendary when he called into the show while PPP was on. Poor PPP, Warski sprung a trap on him.

For some reason, he wanted to trap PPP on Warski's show instead of his own show??? The "chaotic energy" is better on someone else's show instead of his?

He made a reference on how the Farms doxed the place he was staying at Tampa.

Ralph is proud of his glow in the dark FED shirt and he thinks it might sell well if not for the manufacturers able to make shirts that glow in the dark?

Gator said that it is Terry A Davis's birthday by the way.

L. Duse
Now he is talking about how the BNB owner talked about cancel culture when they confronted Ralph about the calls the Farms made to them.

Apparently the owner said, "I had a good feeling about you". "Come back another time". When Ralph and co. didn't bust up the place.

Imagine what would have happened if we didn't warn the BNB owners.