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How does one spend 200 on a single edible?

This is what gunty considers "a single". Also half of one of his 10 essential meals of the day, 3 of which he adopted from Nora and the Paki britbong and 4 of his inventions.


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This is what gunty considers "a single". Also half of his 10 essential meals of the day, 3 of which he adopted from Nora and the Paki britbong and 4 of his inventions.
lmao that would be an impressive edible if it was rendered down and eaten in a single go. Ralph do humiliation edible mukbangs.


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Official Killstream TL;DW Recap
  • Ralph is very late. He comes into chat to say it's a 10pm start time... but he can't even deliver on that. He finally goes live at like 10:05 and has his typical powerpoint intro with half a dozen songs.
  • Ralph brags this is his third stream of the day. Ralph begs for pity potions talking about his dialysis.
  • Gunt says he's got a brand new podcast set up for the court retort. He's got them on odysee too. His job is so haaaaaaaard.
  • Ralph opens up with a George Groid trial clip.
  • Ralph says he ate the edible. He lets us know that they fast tracked legalization in VA or something.
  • Culture war staggers in looking shadowy and like he borrowed his dad's sportscoat.
  • Culture war says he was visiting his grandparents. His grandma wants to watch the show he's "so excited for". Ryan doesn't want them to. Ralph offers to do a family friendly episode.
  • Ralph asks him if he's been following the Chauvin trial. Ryan hasn't. He's been helping his family.
  • Ralph moves onto some VA weed legalization news from ABC news.
  • Ralph pauses the video for superchats. He's only got 479 viewers.
  • Onto an Alex Jones article about him stopping a car with migrant children in the trunk.
  • Culture war makes a comment about the invaders being packed in like Greeks in a Trojan.
  • Ralph moves onto his twitter
  • My chat tells me that Culture war called Ralph Gunty.
  • Ralph boasts he knows Rooftop Korean and he met her in Atlanta.
  • Ralph moves onto another article about a homeless problem in Austin, TX.
  • Ralph gives up on the story and moves onto some article about a Vegas mayor switching political parties because of the democrats move to socialism.
  • Bibble's there! He asks Ralph how he's feeling and Ralph says he's still high as fuck.
  • Warski wanders in! He plugs his show on Odysee tonight. The panel goes over the ins and outs of Odysee. Warski babbles about the gamification of the site how you can "grind" watching 10 or more videos a day to level up. I can't see that being abused.
  • Warski gives us a quick overview of the Odysee TOS.
  • Rand staggers in next. Culture war holds up his left over Outback steakhouse take away bag.
  • Rand jokingly says "I love Israel and the Jews" and Andy is a little shocked "Oh... I thought you... ... Oh it's a joke."
  • Rand says his kid is sick and he missed out taking him to the zoo. Ralph says he likes the zoo...
  • Onto a shooting in Richmond. Ralph plays the clip in full.
  • More superchats...
  • Finally onto the clip about the former democrat mayor. Ralph gives up after a few minutes.
  • Onto an article about the young turks record label changing their name to not reference the Armenian genocide.
  • Ralph thought it was the that Cenk Ugir's podcast.
  • Rand tells us what fairy bread is. The panel then devolves onto talk of candy.
  • Onto a breaking 911 tweet about Silicon Valley using young people's blood banged out into old people to "hack aging".
  • More superchats while Culture war gives us a killstream muckbang
  • Culture war admits he sweeps for the gunt for free before moving onto comic book talk for a bit.
  • Now onto some Biden news... No Ralph moves to a Jerusalem post article as Rand babbles. Or not...
  • Onto a Katie Hill article... Nope... Onto a church in Alberta that got surrounded and blocked off by police to prevent people from going to the building.
  • Warski spergs about the Canadian nazis.
  • Culture war announces that he's got live streaming enabled. Gunt gloats like he did it himself and gets bibble's right quick as well.
  • Bibble spergs about the lockdown.
  • Rand goes onto mention daddy gym and what he talked about on his early stream. He thinks the people doing the funky chicken is freak mutations.
  • Warski raves about some guy who lost his hair salon business to 'rona.
  • Onto the Katie Hill getting plapped out by her staffer.
  • Onto a The Hill article about McConnel backing away from warning business to stay out of politics...
  • Ralph brings up another enemy - Bronx blogger.
  • Culture war brings out a hazmat suit be bought last January. Culture war says he feels he feels like a sucker for buying it but used it for some IRL trolling at his college.
  • Andy wants him to IRL stream in it.
  • Rand wants him to use the TTS.
  • More super chats... Ralph gets Rand's streaming enabled live on air and Ralph search for his head janny's channel after almost skipping him.
  • Ralph brags he grabbed Gator's link all by himself.
  • Ralph says he'll play a trivia game with Warski, Bibble and Warski. Culture war is down too...
  • more super chats... Then onto the Chauvin trial...
  • According to the news the defense is suggesting Floyd said "I ate too many drugs"
  • Ralph goes to play the clip in full...
  • Ralph squeals about 1000 live viewers with only 687 on chomo.
  • The defense goes over the body cam footage and the prosecutor.
  • Culture war finally takes his mask off. Ralph moves onto another Court TV clip going over the same thing...
  • More superchats...
  • Warski shills his shit real quick before taking his leave a little before midnight.
  • Onto a video about online radicalization...
  • Bibble leaves when there's a troon in the video they're playing. Gunt has him shill his shit real quick.
  • Ralph debates if he can even get through the article.
  • Ralph pulls up a Chappelle clip.
  • Onto an article about The Sun about the only fans leak...
  • Culture war uses a voice changer and does a shoutout to anonymous for all the oldfags.
  • Ralph hints like he is gonna wrap up early, but looking for one last article.
  • Gunt squeals about having 1100 viewers with only 617 on Trovo and never breaking 700.
  • Ralph shills his shit and calls it a night.

Wow, another killstream of him reading the news and playing clips. He spent more time getting his cronies set up on Odysee than he did covering clips for showing up like almost an hour late.

Yeah during this whole stream he had a cough. Did 3 streams today....

These paypiggies enabling an addict ‘ero himself are the true alogs. View attachment 2069097
Just for the non-medically aware: sputum in this case is coughing up blood. It's noteworthy because alcohol withdrawal (if Ralph chooses to do this) will also cause dry heaves, vomiting any of contents of his stomach or literally bile. God knows what other things he may endure but the overall picture here is that he's abusing multiple substances to sustain homeostasis.

This becomes more interesting because it's a transference of one addiction to another so if Ralph can alleviate his booze problem (extremely difficult) to only being a dude weed bro lol then you're going to probably see an even more sharp decline in the quality of his show more than likely.

But I could be wrong.

  • Gunt squeals about having 1100 viewers with only 617 on Trovo and never breaking 700.
i love that he has to keep increasing his bs (even without bots in your opinion) 1k count to pretend his show is growing and not shrinking and dying. yes ralph im sure you have tons of viewers while rattling off a series of super chats worth less than five dollars and having so little merch orders you cant ship them save at a loss

AH DO TOO HAVE 37K AYLAWGS!!! as he watches the five non banned people deciding whether his news reading was worth a nickel in elixir.

  • Ralph pauses the video for superchats. He's only got 479 viewers.
  • More superchats...
  • more super chats... Then onto the Chauvin trial...
  • More superchats...
so probably under 20 dollars lmfao. were to the point i can get close estimates based just on the recap

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$30 bucks for one edible? Lol, you can order 250mg worth of THC distillate gummies for $20. Did he ever bring up the strength?
I just bought 5 packages of 2x250mg full spectrum gummies for 40 bucks. He just bought a new computer because he had too many tabs open and couldn't figure out how to reinstall Windows for fucks sake

Protip: you don't have to wipe the drive, fatty.

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I never paid attention to CWC's Twitter but I am curious to know what the grounds were/what shit he said that got him yeeted.
He claimed it was for saying the director of the ATF should have died at Waco (see around 17:00 in this video) but he got in several unoptical arguments that I saw so it could have been any number of things.

Haru Okumura

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A few hours ago, Ethan unstaked all LBC from his Odysee videos:


Note: these are shown as -0.00743300 LBC blue transactions because that is the transaction fee associated with the unstaking of LBC. The unstaking is represented on the blockchain as Ethan transferring these funds to himself, as can be seen in this example:

He then transferred out all 1665 LBC in his wallet at the time, which went to the same address as the last two large transactions, which we now know corresponds to an exchange:


Thus, it appears that Ethan has once again cashed out his LBC, probably for purposes related to his network.