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He started covering the Chauvin trials with his smooth brain takes.
Is he smooth brain enough to cover the riots on Trovo tonight? Trovo explicitly said no live coverage of riots.
He won't pay and he'll start advocating for free health care and for medical debt forgiveness.
Gofundme should allow a campaign for Sandra even if his son opening the campaign is a smooth brain piece of shit wigger.
Live in like 2 minutes on Bitwave. Silent snipe as the chicken I had for lunch is ayy-lawging my stomach.
Hope you get better, Pho.


Roman Gunt Guard

Praetorian Guard
Guys Ralph Needs your help he's been busy all day he needs content pls help :


Roman Gunt Guard

Praetorian Guard
"I can keep the showing going all night now that Warski isn't on after!" -Gunt

You excited, Pho?
After I heard him say that, I'm saying to my self "no you won't you'll get drunk you fat fuck, and embarrass yourself again" more entertainment for us though, Hope he drops a few n-bombs and trovo kicks him and he'll have to stream on bitwav... I mean odysee.

This was gunt's worst Tucker clip segment yet. I should look how long it was, but it felt like he was playing Tucker for a solid 40 minutes and after the first few minutes hardly said anything at all, aside from an occasional annoying laugh or boomer-tier joke. Andy sounded like he fell asleep from having to wake up at the early hour of 1pm today.
The clip in full is like 21 minutes but there's always the start/stop or jumping around between clips. What's funny here to me is that the full Tucker show included a 3 minute comment moment from Candance Owens but that wasn't in the news article clip he showed.

EDIT: For clarity the entire Tucker show is closer to like 40 or so minutes (when you remove the advertisements) so it was just addressing this particular topic and not Tucker's entire hour long show.